10 Uncommon VR Fitness Games

VR Fitness Insider - Vive controllers in urban apartment.

Let’s test your VR Fitness knowledge… Which of these games have you heard of? 

  • #SelfieTennis
  • Sweet Escape
  • Goalkeep VR
  • Laiserbait
  • Virush
  • Sword Master
  • Bitslap
  • Thirst VR
  • Super Pixel Smash
  • QuiVR

Never heard of any of them? You’re probably a nub. That’s right, I said it. This is a list for those willing to brave past the 5th page of Steam and uncover hidden worlds where curiosity meets fitness. A place where gamers become athletes/climb candy mountains. A place where we all look dumb and no-one cares. These games might not have been designed for exercise but try playing them without a break. For the fit. For the brave. This is a list of the 10 Uncommon VR Fitness Games.

10. Sweet Escape

Let’s start this list with candy. Sweet Escape is a climbing game. Swing from cupcake to lollipop as you race through obstacle courses of over-sized treats and pots of sugary acid. Don’t let the ridiculousness of that statement sway you from adding this to your VR Training. Once you have the motions down, focusing on your form can help make this game a legit workout.

We found Sweet Escape when we were looking for a new multiplayer game to add to Sphere’s game catalog. The most common reaction we hear from Guests is “Wow…This is a workout.”

Yep. A workout based on candy. 

Sweet Escape is a must for arm warm ups. 

9. GoalkeepVR

It’s fair to say most games on this list probably weren’t designed for VR Fitness. GoalkeepVR is an exception. Free Mode is an awesome warm up and a great way to instantly gain focus. With different modes and challenges GoalkeepVR makes for an intense cardio game/likely broken TV. Consider adding this game as a warm up or as legit cardio in your VR fitness routine. To see different modes like “alternating hands” or “shrinking gloves” check out the video: 

8. #SelfieTennis

For the narcissistic tennis player in all of us. #SelfieTennis is both fun and a good alternative to playing against a wall. Locked in a virtual tennis match against yourself, each time you hit the ball you teleport to the other side of the court to make the return. 

Though this might feel like a strange tennis ball dimension from Rick and Morty, Selfie Tennis is a great way to burn calories and practice. Whether you want to lob it up to yourself or you’re wishing to keep your tennis swing in shape during the winter, #SelfieTennis is a great addition to any VR Fitness routine (Hide the TV).

7. Super Pixel Smash

Rank17 has made a few really good games but Super Pixel Smash should find it’s way into most VR Fitness trainer’s repertoire. The retro feel makes this adaptation of Breakout feel more like racquetball. It also yells at you… a lot…which is motivating. 

For fans of Breakout, you’ll be happy to know there are many games like this but Super Pixel Smash seems to have the easiest mechanic and learning curve. For workouts, focus on your form, get into a good rhythm and get yelled at for a while. It builds character and burns calories.


6. Thirst VR

Lose the shield and rely on indefinitely crouching and jumping up to shoot at targets in this fast paced rail shooter. With a Madmax feel, you’re on a mission to protect a train carrying one of the last shipments of water on Earth. Unfortunately for people who need this water, I always lose. Thirst is a difficult game but each typically lasts 5-10 minutes without the shield. This is nice as a little sprint. Lookout for helicopters and incoming missiles. Stay crouched and only raise to shoot. As soon as you shoot come back down. Thirst VR can make for a great workout. 

5. Bitslap

Bitslap tasks you with ninja-like challenge of punching quick glowing yellow targets (I’d assume are “bits”). The trick is to punch them in the order which they appear. Failing to do so restarts the game. This is an great exercise for building hand eye coordination and quick reflexes.

Tip: Relax your mind and allow your fist to do the talking. This game can induce a trance like flow state.

4. Sword Master

Sword Master is rated by the VR Health Institute as delivering a similar calorie burn to an elliptical (4-6 Calories/min). Though not the best for small rooms, Sword Master is a great way to enter a new world and forget you’re working out.

Using your sword, focus on slashing between the armor on each enemy and squeeze your core as you follow through your swings. As David Ellsey from VReemotion says, being in a hostile environment is one of the quickest ways to trick the brain into unleashing our potential. Very few things are as motivating as being surrounded by armored warriors in a sword fight.

3. Laserbait

Now we’re digging into the super uncommon. Laserbait may not have the production values of Raw Data but it’s both addictive and surprisingly a decent workout. In this invasion strategy game your focus is on spreading from planet to planet by directing your spaceships. The game starts slow but picks up speed to the point where you’re mind and body move in sync. Being that it’s free, this physically active strategy game is worth checking out if you’re into conquering galaxies.

2. Virush

Virush puts you in charge of killing as many viruses as you can by touching them with your controller. This is not a complicated game and even runs well on Google Daydream. With that being said, it’s a workout. This is a great warm-up for your arms as you don’t stop moving.

1. QuiVR

Of this list, QuiVR is probably the most known. It’s also one of the most fun.

In QuiVR you’re an archer, defending a series of gates from hordes of undead/magic soldiers. If your gate is overrun by the hordes, you immediately fall back to the next gate. You also get the added fun of teleporting through the map by shooting blue glowing gates. This is a multiplayer co-op game and people are usually playing. The VR Health Institute estimates QuiVR can burn up to 120 calories playing for 30 minutes. Which is like, a yogurt. Which is awesome…because I love yogurt.


So, if you haven’t checked out QuiVR or any of these awesome games, un-nub yourself and add them to your VR Fitness workout. You’ll thank us. OR, if you live in Ohio, email me about coming to Sphere and checking them out for free.

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