Credit to: Ubisoft

Virtual Reality is a whimsical and spooky place to get your game on. There are horror games that make our skin crawl and leave us frightened for our lives. While other games are zombie, monster, or Halloween-themed and make us want to throw a party, laugh, and have fun with the dead.

Here are 15 VR games for Halloween that are so frightening our hearts will race, our hands will sweat, and some will make us laugh with our friends till our heads fall off!

Transference (Ubisoft)

Vive/Oculus, PS VR

Transference is a psychological thriller will creep you out with its blend of real actors and virtual reality. Take on 3 perspectives of a father, mother, and son in this first-person mental labyrinth. Experience memories, piece together events and uncover the family’s mystery.

The Brookhaven Experiment (Phosphor Games)

Vive/Oculus/WMR, PS VR

The Brookhaven Experiment is an FPS survival game where players strategize to kill monsters as the world is ending. Using grenades, automatic weapons, and more to make sure lab created monstrosities get destroyed. Hide and attack these little, large, and stories high beasts in survival and campaign modes.

Richie’s Plank Experience (Toast)


Richie’s Plank Experience is all about walking the plank 80 stories up a high rise building. Walk to the end and what do you see? A pumpkin…with some spiders in it. Or, you can get petrified by pressing 666 into the elevator buttons to turn the game into Nightmare mode.

Axe Throw VR (Psychic Parrot)


Axe Throw VR is all about throwing axes at targets, but with Halloween around the corner, they decided to add a zombie survival mode. Pick up your battle axe and throw it at zombies crawling out of the cemetery ground. Zombies will also have their own axes, so dodge em!

Resident Evil 7 biohazard (Capcom)


Resident Evil 7 biohazard is a first-person survival, exploration, and horror game. Play as Ethan Winters as he looks for his missing wife and has to solve puzzles, fight, and live despite the crazy bloodthirsty Baker family.

Dead Hungry (Q-Games)

Vive/Oculus, PS VR

Dead Hungry is a first-person cooking game where your main objective is to feed hungry zombie people. Cook, put together, and serve burgers, pizza, tempura, fries, sodas, and more. Then, throw the food at the zombies to turn them back into people before they overwhelm your food stand.

Organ Quarter (Outer Brain Studios)


Organ Quarter is a first-person horror, exploration, survival, and puzzle game. There will be winding rooms, hallways, floors, and freaky looking monsters with tentacles, bony limbs, and other gruesome parts. Use guns to protect yourself from the infected and solve puzzles to gain access to other areas of the game.

Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games) 

Vive/Oculus/WMR, PS VR

Arizona Sunshine is an FPS zombie game that drops you into a desert town that’s been overrun. Walk through the forsaken town, collect bullets, weapons, and items to get to a safe haven. Use a pistol, submachine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, and other load outs to kill zombie hordes.

DOOM VFR (Bethesda Softworks)


DOOM VFR is a blend of FPS, action, and horror game. There’s a demon invasion attacking the UAC’s Mars research station. Explore and spray bullets through devilish brutes and beefy demons that have been mechanized. Watch out for fire and other weaponized demons.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (VRWERX)

Vive/Oculus, PS VR

Paranormal Activity: The Los Soul is a horror and exploration game without any walkthrough directions or display. All you have is a flashlight, time, and the suspense. Horror film fans will get a kick out of walking through the house and finding objects to weave together a larger mystery. Oh and there’s jump scares.

In Death (Sólfar Studios)


In Death is a rogue-like, archery, and dungeon crawler game. Players become an archer dealing death to hooded monks, wraiths, armored knights, and more demonic beings in the godless afterlife. Use arrows to kill and to travel as you move high and low around procedurally generated medieval castles, and portals to the pits of hell.

Affected – The Manor (Fallen Planet Studios)


Affected – The Manor is a horror and exploration experience that doesn’t have puzzle elements. The whole point of this experience is to walk around the mansion freaked out at every creak, knocked over object, shadowy room and hallway — there’s plenty of them. There’s also eerie music and dolls for a double dose of scariness.

Dread Halls (White Door Games)


Dread Halls is a horror and escape experience for fans of dungeon crawling. Use an ever-draining oil lamp to guide you as you use sounds to get you through dungeon passageways. Unlock doors, use a map, and go through more passageways to gather objects that will get you out of there.

The Exorcist: Legion VR (LegionVR, Fun Train)

Vive/Oculus, PS VR

The Exorcist: Legion VR is a 5 part series VR game based on one of the most genre-defining horror movies of all time. Become a detective, collect items for an exorcism kit, discover secrets, clues, and demons. The series 5th chapter is supposed to be its last, so maybe put on an extra pair of pants.

Wraith (Sinn Studio)

Vive/Oculus, PS VR

Wraith is an action game mixed into a horror survival game. Shoot the Wraith across 4 maps: The Camp, The Path, Blizzard, and Sunset. These are night and day maps with elements like fog and snow. This is especially unnerving when the Wraith becomes more powerful in the dark.