Credit to: Survios/Sprint Vector

I love playing Sprint Vector but it’s starting to get pretty competitive as people get better and better at the game. Here are 18 tips that will help take your gameplay and fitness to a whole different level during competition.

1. Warm up and stretch before and after Sprint Vector.  

Throwing yourself into Sprint Vector while your muscles are still cold is going to be difficult during and after. Stretching and warming up the entire body by jogging in place or jumping jacks will get blood flow to your muscles. 

2. Keep a bottle of water and a towel close by.

This game is going to make you sweaty. So stay hydrated to keep up!

3. Take breaks.

Listen to your body and rest when you’re tired. Pushing yourself for stamina is great and all, but true transformation happens when you build up towards fitness.

4. Play the tutorials.

Play the in-game tutorials to gain a physical understanding of the controller and game mechanics.

5. Practice at the Skate Park.

Get used to accelerating and using your speed gauge, turning, drifting, and how to use power-ups.

6. Practice against AI, then other players.

We recommend that you play against AI challengers to build up confidence with the game and to learn without all the pressure of competition or performance. When you get comfortable with that move on to playing with actual players!

7. Stride.

Pump your arms like you’re speed skating. Longer and faster arm swings will help you accelerate. This is going to crank up the heat and start elevating your heart rate. If you slow your arm swinging you’ll lose momentum. Keep checking your speed gauge to see how fast or slow you’re moving.

8. Power Stance.

Putting one foot in front of the other in a lunge or in a squat will give you better stability and will work your lower body. Switch leg stances to even things out.

9. Braking.

Braking is going to slow you down so you won’t fly off the map, or to avoid projectiles. Air braking can also be used to help with landing on platforms.

10. Climbing.

Make your way up walls by grabbing notches and handles. This upward reaching motion will help you when you fall into pits and have to climb out or when you need to scale special walls like grip streams.

11. Jumping.

Don’t fall into a pit or off the edge by using your jump control at top speeds to make it over gaps. Momentum helps you jump even if you’re starting to fall.

12. Flying.

You don’t need a special ability or boost to fly. Flying can be done at any time and can be used instead of jump to get over large gaps or spaced out platforms. You’ll want to pretend you’re steering an invisible steering wheel when you do this.

13. Collect the power balls.

Credit to: Survios/Sprint Vector

There are 9 of these crazy power-ups that you collect and then use against other racers.

  • Overdrive: unlimited speed
  • Chronoshift: use this to teleport and catch up to players nearest to a checkpoint ahead of you
  • Nitro: extreme speed boost that doesn’t require you to move
  • Impulse Shot: knocks back players with explosive projectiles that get bigger the farther they travel
  • Compressor Mine: a trap that slows people down, makes them take damage, and makes turning ridiculously hard
  • Lag Mine: slows down other racers
  • Prox Mine: step onto one of these and it triggers an explosion, knocks back and also stops players movement
  • Hornet Barrage: 3 missiles lock onto targets
  • Crash Missile: slows down the target

14. Pay attention to who’s in front of you and behind you.

Did you just pass up a speed boost or projectile power ball? Someone else might grab it and use it on you, so keep an eye or ear out so you’re not caught off guard.

15. Drifting.

Use this to get around corners faster without slowing down or launching off the edge. If you fall off the map you’ll be taken to your last checkpoint. Always a bummer.

16. Platforms.

There are high and low platforms depending on the map. Play around and scout out locations on maps. Find power-ups and gain a top-level advantage over other competitors. Throw a lag mine to slow them down and gain the lead!

17. Use in-game chat.

When competing in a group it’s helpful to play with the chat on for team strategy, to boast that you’re ahead, or make new friends. Be kind.

18. Weekly Challenges.

Survios posts their Weekly Challenges on social media, their blog, and on their Steam Community page. Check out the best times to beat, coin collection challenges, and more. Use them to motivate you towards your fitness goals and have a blast!

Have fun and share tips with us and other players in the comments!

Off to the races!