Most of the time, if you’re looking to utilize VR tech for the purposes of working out, you’ll not only have to invest in an actual headset, but potentially more accompanying accessories as well. Fortunately, if you’re someone who already has plenty of non-VR workout equipment around your home, a new Kickstarter project is looking to help you make use of it in an all-new way.

360VRFit is a new piece of technology that looks to adapt workout gear such as rowing machines, stationary cycles, and more into supplemental virtual reality experiences. So what the heck does that mean exactly? Well, thanks to the use of an IoT sensor and an accompanying app that you download to your phone, you’ll be able to see yourself riding a bike through the streets of New York or rowing a boat along a river.

You don’t need a typical VR headset to utilize 360VRFit and instead only need a smart phone (which you’ll then need to strap to your head with an accompanying headset that is included) and the IoT sensor itself. Once you place the sensor on the moving axis of whatever piece of equipment you might be using, you’ll then pair it with your phone’s app and place it in your goggles. Once you then put these goggles on your head, you can get busy.

You can get a better idea of how 360VRFit works in the brief video right here:


M2Me, who is the developer of 360VRFit, says that one of the main reasons it is making this item is to help offset how expensive VR gaming can be. Even though the price of headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 have fallen to reasonable values, M2Me isn’t wrong that it can be a bit pricey to ingrain yourself in the VR space at first. No to mention, you’ll more than likely be spending even more money over time on either games or reoccurring subscription fees.

While 360VRFit is a great idea though, M2Me needs help to bring it to a wider audience. That’s why the developer is currently utilizing Kickstarter to make this achievable. As of this writing, 360VRFit’s Kickstarter campaign has accrued over $6,200 out of its $7,000 goal. The campaign wraps up November 11 and currently boasts nearly 100 backers in total.

As for how much 360VRFit costs, well, it depends on the tier you’re looking to jump in at. Based on the prices given on the Kickstarter page, the IoT sensor itself is being priced at $50. Meanwhile, the standard set, which includes the kit’s goggles, come in at $80. Supplemental price points are also available to “early bird” backers who get in on the ground floor and can net you even more items for a lower cost.

At this point in time, M2Me has nearly wrapped up its five year journey of working on 360VRFit. Units are said to begin shipping to backers around the globe in December 2020. It’s also worth noting that the device comes with a 1-year warranty, too.

All in all, 360VRFit seems like a great idea that is looking to utilize virtual reality technology, but not in a way that you’d normally expect. While I think the technology itself is quite impressive, the only thing I’m hard-pressed to believe is that it could cost less than a normal VR headset. Even though the 360VRFit tech itself is pretty cheap, you still need accompanying workout equipment to get the most out of what it’s offering. Those machines aren’t low in price, either. Still, if you happen to have already invested in a rowing machine or stationary bike in the past, this should at least help to make your workouts in the future a bit more exciting.

If you’d like to learn more about 360VRFit, I would highly encourage you to check out the product’s Kickstarter page. Even if you have no intention of backing the project, there’s a ton of information that will surely help give you a better idea of what to expect.