Credit to: Azlan Studios

Holopoint is an excellent archery game with accurate bow physics, a thumping soundtrack, and intense pacing. The focus is on gameplay, so don’t expect a lot of story in this title. It’s one of our house favorites here at VRFI, but it isn’t talked about often since it is an older title.

I revisit Holopoint frequently. It’s a lovely title that functions well as a party game, a couples workout title, and an individual session that pushes you to the brink.

Over time, I started working on fitness challenges for myself that would bring me back to the game I love while scaling the workout to an intensity that feels right to me. I’ve found a few specific challenges I want to issue to you.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Git Gud With Basic Tips and Tricks

First, I want to cover some basic tips to make you technically better at Holopoint.

Finding Targets

Cubes fire projectiles when your arrows strike them, or after a period of time has passed. They will glow orange and make a noise, which you can hear via headphones. The walls are also lined with small projector units. The direction that these units point and emit light, combined with sound, will help you with target acquisition.

Aiming Better

Aim with your offhand, or the one that holds the arrow and draws the string. Keep your bow hand steady and fire only when you’re on target. Most targets in this game do not move, so take the time you need to hit the first shot. You will achieve a higher score, but there’s a hidden benefit that will be useful in a time trial.

If you can dispatch enemies quickly, you earn yourself a small breather. Enemies are spawned at specific intervals, not as they are destroyed. If you can quickly clear a room, you can take five seconds to catch your breath.

Safety First

Finally, as a safety measure, do something to secure your cord. Holopoint requires you to change direction quickly, and the cable is like a long and weighty ponytail you have to track. Secure it to your belt, or elevate it above your playspace so you can focus on the game.

Now, onto the challenges.

Challenge 1: Perfect Levels 1-5

This challenge is a simple way to gear up for much tougher ones. You will learn excellent accuracy, and you will get your body limber and ready for higher level play. The goal of this challenge is simple: hit every target, without timing any of them out.

Every target you encounter up to level five will be a cube. The game spawns them randomly around the map, so learn how to aim quickly and recognize where targets appear. These skills are critical for high-score runs in time trial (where getting hit reduces your score), and staying alive in later levels of the base game.

Challenge 2: Only-Dodge Classic to Wave 10

Some games have a low score challenge that adds something different to the gameplay. Low score challenges typically involve surviving incredible onslaughts without dying, with the goal of achieving a near zero score and completing the game.

Holopoint offers a fun opportunity to only dodge incoming cube fire and survive as long as you can. You need to destroy all cubes in the first wave to progress, and this challenge could not be completed without destroying melee attackers, but you can dodge every other cube. So, your goal is to get as close to a score of 250 as humanly possible under these conditions. If this sounds “too easy,” we urge you to give it a shot. I have a hard time with this one after wave eight.

Remember, for this to be an “honest” challenge you cannot hit a single cube or projectile with your arrows after wave one. If you mess up, you have to restart!

Challenge 3: Time Trial for 15 Minutes, Breaking 25k

Each samurai is worth 100 points, so let those arrows fly!

There are two keys to being successful in time trial: endurance and technical skill. Your ability to hit targets quickly is the deciding factor in high scores at Holopoint.

By the third minute, the enemy intensity will be fairly high, with samurai melee attacks and breaking targets flinging projectiles at you every few seconds. I’ve got a few pieces of advice that will help you:

  • Practice breaking 5,000 points consistently within 5 minutes
  • Attempt a few five and ten minute warm-up rounds
  • Stay mobile

Time Trial is all about not getting hit, even if you can’t hit every target. Every blue square is worth 50 points, and every samurai is worth 100. Orange cubes, which are timed out blue cubes about to explode, are worth half of a blue cube. Prioritize samurai when they are on screen, and dodge the exploding cubes if your focus is on high scores. This way, you’re striking targets for maximum scoring efficiency while avoiding incoming strikes that have a higher chance of hitting you and reducing your score.

Time Trial is really intense, so working up to a fifteen-minute session is the way to go. This isn’t like your average Holopoint session. Enemy waves begin at a moderate intensity, then grow much higher in volume within the first two minutes. That pacing is maintained throughout your session, so you will be winded if you’re underprepared for the workout. Stretch and practice.

Challenge 4: Get to Level 15+ Twice in a Row

Achieving level 15 in Holopoint is no simple feat. It took me a few hours to get to it consistently, and I don’t always get there when I play back-to-back sessions. By the time I’ve hit wave ten, I’m winded and sweaty. Sometimes my arms won’t hold steady, making target acquisition harder. My thighs and legs are quaking a little from all of the squats and pivots I’ve had to do to stay alive. Then the game throws different targets at me and ups the pacing. It’s not a simple matter.

To get there, you’re going to need to remain light on your feet, and maintain your breathing under stress. You can get hit twice before the game ends, and those “lives” replenish with each round. Keep that in mind if you’re facing an impossible situation. You never want to get hit, but it’s easier to strategize when you’re facing multiple enemies in front of you and a single cube somewhere behind you.

Challenge 5: Perform 60 Squats in a Single Session


It’s helpful to have a spotter to complete this challenge, but you can also film yourself and manually count your squats to double check yourself. We’ve shown off Holopoint’s incredible abilities as a squat workout, so your goal is to push yourself!

This one has no requirements on surviving or time trials, just play until you hit 60 squats in a single session.

So, faithful VRFI readers, give us your honest scorecard in the comments. Can you beat these challenges?