Virtual reality can be as scary to get into as it is amazing once you’ve taken the plunge. We get that. That’s why we put together five of the most important things to avoid when it comes to getting into VR. These rules will make sure you become a VR master in no time. You can thank us later.

Rule 1: Stop Trying to Build the Best PC

Just like the 60″ flat screen televisions that cost over $1,000 just a few years ago, building a brand new computer out of the best available parts is going to cost way more than you need to spend. Graphics cards come out every few months and the previous graphics cards drop in price every year. Therefore, something that was the best last year will be a reasonable price this year and a deal the next year. You don’t need to build the best PC you possibly can.

Instead, if you want to make sure you have a PC that will last a few years, then you should look for a graphically intense VR game and build a PC with the recommended requirements. Recommended requirements on a graphically intensive game are usually the minimum standards in a period of five years to a decade. For example, I built my computer slightly above the Recommended Requirements of Crysis 3 when it first came out and I still don’t need to change out any of the parts of my system to play it at 4k resolution even though Crysis 3 came out 3 years ago.

Rule 2: Keep Away From Downloading New Forum Games

Unless you know what you’re doing with a computer to where you can manually remove viruses from a computer without relying on Anti-virus software, you should avoid games found on forums. While there are a great many games to be found on these forums, downloading games off of forums comes with a few risks.

The first is that sometimes these games are trying to crowdfund, but when it is on a forum you risk giving out information that would land you with identity fraud troubles. The second is that you have no idea what they’ve put into the game, which means you could be downloading Adware or Malware along with the game.

Rule 3: Enough With Trying To Use Your Phone

We understand that it is a cheap alternative to try and use your phone in order to play VR games, but your phone simply doesn’t have the graphical power to roam freely in the VR playground. For this purpose, unless you want to just use your phone in order to watch VR videos, 360 Videos, or Google Play VR applications, you will need much more than your phone.

Rule 4: Avoid Needless Expenditures

One of the problems with trying to get into an industry that’s just coming out, you tend to spend a lot of money on extra gadgets. Products like VirZOOM and Omni entice you to buy them because they try to give you a more in-depth experience into the world of VR, but these are products that you don’t really need to buy unless they satisfy everything you want out of VR and you have no desire to get anything else.

You may think that running would be getting the best out of VR in fitness, but you haven’t played Holoball. There are games specifically designed to get your heart pumping in a fun way and these companies are attempting to lure customers into buying something they really don’t need but could very well want. All you need to get into VR is a good VR headset and the proper computer to power it.

Rule 5: Don’t Buy Pre-Packaged VR Systems

Pre-packaged VR systems seem like a good thing to buy if you want to get into the VR gaming world immediately, but this is not true. It’s similar to the console wars in the way that you are buying a system that is built to be out of date within a few years of your buying it. It’s important to know how to build your own system because it will save you money in the long run.