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Beat Saber Adds New Music Pack Featuring Songs from Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5, and...

Beat Saber continues to be one of the most prominent games that many in the VR fitness community are familiar with and that's primarily because of the game's accessibility and continued support. Now, the...

Beat Saber Esports Event Demonstrates Continued Commitment for VR Gaming in Turkey

VR gaming continues to expand around the globe and the Hinge Municipality is collaborating with VR Rhythm League to present the Papara VR Esports Tournament in Muğla, Turkey from March 22-26. Featuring Beat Saber...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Free Beat Saber Songs, Hoops Madness Exits Early Access

During last week's VR Game Roundup, we saw a couple of World War games release, a neat spellcasting title, and one of the most unique virtual reality racing games yet. This week is busier...

High School VR League Creates Custom Finals for Beat Saber Season 1

After a rocky start following their launch earlier this summer, the High School VR League is back on track and their first tournament finals began last week. While the league was initially announced with three...

K-Pop Legends BTS Take Center Stage With Beat Saber’s Latest Explosive DLC Pack

K-Pop sensations BTS, the South Korean all boy septet have found remarkable success over the past couple of years, especially in the United States and Europe, although their most rabid fanbase is apparently located...

Beat Saber is Getting a New Multiplayer Game Mode Next Month

Beat Saber continues to be one of the most popular VR games for a number of reasons. Not only does developer Beat Games continue to regularly support the title with new content -- most...

Beat Saber Linkin Park Music Pack – VR Game Review – Sweat It Out

Post-launch music packs are vital for any rhythm game, and Beat Saber is no exception. Despite being the most notable, and likely the most popular, rhythm game in the VR space, Beat Saber has...

Linkin Park Brings 11 Tracks to Beat Saber in New Music Pack

Has this season of quarantine made you go one step closer to the edge and nearly break with how often you've been trapped indoors? Well, worry not, as the ever-popular Beat Saber has today...

Beat Saber’s Latest Free Update Adds Nearly 50 New Beatmaps

Beat Saber has been one of the most popular games in the realm of virtual reality for years at this point and thanks to a new free update, the game has now gotten even...

Beat Saber 1-Hour Workout Playlist

Since Melanie Korfhage hasn’t been able to go to the gym thanks to the pandemic, she has been using her Oculus Quest for fitness and over the past couple of months she has developed...