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BONEWORKS VR Game Review – the Physics are Phenomenal but Pukey

The joints in my fingers angrily insist I drop the stuffed monkey I have been tightly clutching for fifteen minutes. I cannot. It is protecting me. Grasping it tighter, I scan the room for...

Shooter VR Fitness Games – Which Is Right For You?

Thanks to the success of virtual reality fitness games there are now so many choices for players to pick from. If you enjoy first-person shooters then it might even be overwhelming to decide where to start...

Axegend VR Game Review- Rogue-like Fantasy Action

Sometimes a game comes out that doesn’t try to be the huge market changing product that bridges players and non-game players together such as Fortnite, Minecraft, or Beat Saber. Sometimes a game simply just...

Lies Beneath Review – A VR Nightmare Formed From Claustrophobia, Darkness and Terror

Oculus Quest owners could be forgiven for feeling a little left out lately, forced to look on in envy as PC VR owning players got to enjoy a trio of excellent creepy thrill rides...

5 Best VR Zombie Games to Get Fit In

What's better to pass the time than bashing a couple of decomposing zombie heads together? You can't bring up horror fiction without invoking the morbid curiosity brought on by hordes of flesh-hungry living dead,...

How Does Playing VR Make You Fit?

The concept of 'VR fitness' doesn't make immediate sense to most people. Despite seeing major growth in 2019, even just 'VR' is not all that well understood outside of early adopter circles and groups...

Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Review – When the Dead Walk, Run!

Welcome to Hell. Saints and Sinners is a very dark game. Skydance Interactive’s grimy take on the Walking Dead might be based on the original comic books rather than AMC’s globally popular show, but it...

It’s Almost Time for Half-Life: Alyx, Here’s What You Need to Prepare

Half-Life: Alyx is slated to release in March, and you've only got one month to prepare. Especially if you're a newcomer to virtual reality, you might not be entirely ready to jump right into...

Rift S VR Cover Review – Makes Rift S Even More Comfortable

It's hard to imagine two more comfortable VR headsets than the Oculus Rift S or its direct competitor, the Valve Index. Unlike its much weightier cousin, the standalone Oculus Quest, the primary conceit of...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — Become the Ultimate Warrior!

Boneworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP8C2nmv3Ag If you’re looking to combine physical combat with narrative-heavy adventure, then Boneworks is one game you should pick up. The game makes use of a unique physics system and tons of different weapons, including...