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YUR.fit ratings

YUR.fit Ratings Help You Find Calorie Burning VR Games

The YUR.fit app is compatible with many of the best VR fitness games and allows players to monitor their fitness ranking via a virtual watch called the Yur.watch. Several games support the SDK, which...

5 Best VR Zombie Games to Get Fit In

What's better to pass the time than bashing a couple of decomposing zombie heads together? You can't bring up horror fiction without invoking the morbid curiosity brought on by hordes of flesh-hungry living dead,...

It’s Almost Time for Half-Life: Alyx, Here’s What You Need to Prepare

Half-Life: Alyx is slated to release in March, and you've only got one month to prepare. Especially if you're a newcomer to virtual reality, you might not be entirely ready to jump right into...

Move to Win: Fitness Titles that Work Up a Sweat with Locomotion

Locomotion used to be tricky to pull off in Virtual Reality, but many games feature full VR locomotion systems now. There are also third-party systems, like Natural Locomotion, which have taken advantage of the...