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Racket NX Game Review – Racquetball Will Never Be The Same

Racquetball will never be the same... Racket NX is a high speed, psychedelic combination of the classic arcade game breakout and racquetball. Clear some space and stretch your arms as we break down Racket NX...

Racket: NX and Eleven Table Tennis – VR Esports for Fitness and Fun

Developers of the Eleven Table Tennis and Racket: NX are teaming up during Virtual Athletic League’s VR Fitness Summit and eligible participants have the opportunity to win a portion of the $500 collaborative prize...

Top VR Esports Games for the Quest 2

As more people have access to virtual reality with portable headsets such as the Quest 2, it’s inevitable that many of these new users will be interested in competitive gaming with their portal to...

6 Reasons Why Oculus Quest 2 Should be Your New Go-To Fitness Device

Following months of rumors, speculation, and various reports, Oculus finally announced this week that it will officially be releasing a second model of its highly-popular Quest VR unit. The appropriately-named Oculus Quest 2 is... ratings Ratings Help You Find Calorie Burning VR Games

The app is compatible with many of the best VR fitness games and allows players to monitor their fitness ranking via a virtual watch called the Several games support the SDK, which...

Top 10 Best VR Sports Games

When VR first started, the immediate hope was that not only would immersion increase with videogames but so would physical interactivity as well. The magical part about VR is no longer about watching something...

Best Windows Mixed Reality Fitness Games 2020

No matter what VR headset you own, there are great workouts to be had by playing virtual reality fitness games. With the backing from Microsoft, one of the most widely supported platforms is Windows Mixed...

Best Room Scale VR Games for Fitness 2020

Everyone's virtual reality setup differs, but those that have a lot of space get the bonus of truly enjoying the best room scale VR games without any limitations. A lot of virtual reality fitness games adjust...

Best Oculus Rift Fitness Games 2020

No matter what VR headset you own, there are some great virtual reality fitness games at your disposal. However, the Oculus Rift's stacked catalog and quality exclusives makes it a great option for any fitness enthusiast....

Best Multiplayer VR Fitness Games 2020

One of the best aspects of using virtual reality fitness games to exercise is that there is a title for everyone. This even applies if you're a competitive person that loves to go against another human...
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