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Skyrim VR- An endless fantasy world to explore at your leisure

VR allows us to do things we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. Apart from useful real-world capabilities, it lets us soar through the sky, become superheroes, play out our wildest action movie...

Beginners Guide to Modding Skyrim VR: If I Can Do It You Can Do...

Skyrim is amongst the most recognizable names in the history of videogames. It’s been released on countless different mediums to this point including the hilariously fun Skyrim on Amazon’s Alexa. In 2017 though, Skyrim...

Skyrim VR Workout – Mods That Will Make You Sweat

Skyrim is one of the all-time greats in the gaming genre. It had everything from flexible combat allowing you to play as a warrior, thief, mage, archer, or a combination of the 4 and...

Top 25 PC Mods to Get Fit In ‘Skyrim VR’

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, by Bethesda Softworks, is arguably one of the most accomplished role-playing games of all time. If you aren’t already aware, the PC version of Skyrim VR is built on...

How to Burn 1000+ Calories Playing Skyrim VR

As the bards have told, you may have heard that Skyrim VR is the best thing to happen to virtual reality since virtual sliced bread. Not only is Skyrim VR easy to mod but...

Skyrim VR Game Review: – Low Impact Cardio You Can Do For Hours

"Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red, who came running to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead. And the braggart did swagger and brandish his nerd as he told of bold battles and...

VR Fitness Insider Podcast – Episode 13: Get PIPxr

Welcome to the latest episode of the VR Fitness Insider Podcast! Today, we're delighted to have Mark Nicoll on the show. He is the CEO of Get PiPxr Ltd, a mixed reality physical therapy game....

Akyrikon-VR Game Review – RPG Meets VR Rhythm Games

VR is in need of some invigorating ideas these days. While you can have endless shooters, rhythm games, and sword fighting games, at a certain point these genres can get a little bit stale....

How to Ensure Your VR Workout Covers Each Muscle Group

It can be hard to balance your VR workout routine when you first start out. Here's what you need to know about each critical muscle group!

The Wizards: Dark Times- VR Magic Has Never Felt so Good

I believe more than any other gaming platform out there that VR players come to the platform for a particular experience. Some people love interactive puzzle games and for that, VR has options in...