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I Boosted My Quest 2’s Field Of View Halfway To A Valve Index! VRCover...

If you've got a Quest 2 and use it regularly you'll likely already have taken steps to improve its comfort through the purchase of third-party head straps, facial interfaces, and face pads. Having a...

15 Best Valve Index Fitness Games of 2020

While the Valve Index has been one of the most impressive virtual reality headsets released so far, it's been a distant third on PC to the Vive and Oculus Rift in terms of popularity....

Keep Your Headset Sweat-Free With the Valve Index VR Cover

If you are planning to use your Valve Index headset for fitness, it's going to get sweaty. Most virtual reality devices aren't built for this level of moisture and can become gross in a...

Racket:Next VR Game Officially Sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation

The 17-year-old arrived home, slipped off his shoes, and looked around his room, which had been cleared of all but essential items. He was eager to hang out with his friends and excited to...

Akyrikon-VR Game Review – RPG Meets VR Rhythm Games

VR is in need of some invigorating ideas these days. While you can have endless shooters, rhythm games, and sword fighting games, at a certain point these genres can get a little bit stale....

Skyrim VR- An endless fantasy world to explore at your leisure

VR allows us to do things we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. Apart from useful real-world capabilities, it lets us soar through the sky, become superheroes, play out our wildest action movie...

Larcenauts: Immersion Overload Update Adds Key Immersive Features

Impulse Gear, an independent game developer and publisher located in San Francisco, continues to prioritize game features based on community feedback and requests for Larcenauts, a team-based multiplayer first-person hero shooter that was released...

Community-Building Esports Event Coming to Population: One VR Game

Since the release of Population: One in October 2020, players have been forming clans, independent leagues, and super secret societies accessible only to the elite, but community leaders are coming together to host the...

How to Ensure Your VR Workout Covers Each Muscle Group

It can be hard to balance your VR workout routine when you first start out. Here's what you need to know about each critical muscle group!

BoomBox VR Game Review – An Excellent VR Drumming Experience

I’ve been a musician for about 18 years now and despite dabbling in a few different areas there, one thing remains constant. I suck at drums. While I consider myself a pretty solid guitarist,...