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EvolVR Hosts Yoga and Meditation Sessions on AltspaceVR for the First Time

For thousands of years, yogis around the world have been stretching and holding yoga poses and meditators have been discovering their zen with introspection. Grab your mat and headset, EvolVR is unfolding like a...

How to Ensure Your VR Workout Covers Each Muscle Group

It can be hard to balance your VR workout routine when you first start out. Here's what you need to know about each critical muscle group!

SET VR- Game Review – Self Defense VR Training With a Punch

Sometimes, an idea sounds so good on paper, but just doesn't ever seem to come to fruition when the project is completed. Unfortunately, that is the situation with SET VR. It promises to do...

Powder VR- Skiing and Snowboarding Fully Realized in Your Living Room

Sports simulation is one of the genres that was obvious when VR first introduced and despite approaching its 5th year in the mainstream, there hasn't been a ton of greatly successful sports titles. There...

Should You Buy VR? We Think So – The 2020 VRFI Holiday Gift Guide

VR fitness is a great way to get away from the mundane this holiday season and burn some calories while you're at it. Here's everything you need.

VRWorkout Turns Your Home Into A Gym, Coming to Steam & More Headsets

Michael Gschwandtner's free fitness app VRWorkout recently released on Oculus Quest via the unofficial SideQuest VR storefront and now it's coming to to additional platforms. A Steam release is set for July 6 and...
VR Disc Golf

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Bowling, Wizards, and Disc Golf

During our last VR Game Roundup, there were a number of intriguing titles including Pro Putt by Topgolf that allows you to increase some of your golfing skills. This week's VR Game Roundup features four...

Top Mood Boosting VR Exercise Games

Virtual reality fitness games are a great way to boost your mood and temporarily escape from the world during these trying times. From exercises that will release endorphins to meditative titles that will help calm...

REPORT: The State of VR Fitness in 2019

It was only a few years ago that the modern VR revolution officially began. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, personally delivered the first pre-ordered Rift to an ecstatic customer in early 2016. At that...

The Climb VR Game Review – Race Your Way to the Mountaintop!

My first experience with Crytek’s adrenaline-fuelled free solo simulator The Climb came way back in July 2017. As someone who is terrified of heights, watching Youtubers scream and yelp as they attempted, and failed...