Add a New Twist to Your Workout with MarchQuest

This could be the game that takes your fitness to a whole new level!


MarchQuest blends a sophisticated mythical adventure with a sleek VR Fitness app, putting it on the cutting edge of innovative RPGs for iPhones. Players act as The MarchWarden, a hero on a quest to save the fantasy world of Vale from civil war in this game.

As the plot unfolds, participants unlock milestones in the game by walking, hiking and running at home, in the gym, on the track, or while exploring the outdoors.  Each stage of the game dares you to go further into the world of Vale while making strides in your workout. The characters you meet and the challenges you overcome in both worlds propel you forwards, making exercise fun.

Take a Step Out of the Ordinary

Created by Loreful to inspire people who want to step up their fitness routine, MarchQuest adds a creative twist to an ordinary workout. The story takes players through 20 quests lasting from 30 minutes to an hour; tracking distance, steps, calories burned and pace in real life and using the data to define the character’s traits and move the plot forward within the context of the game. The information is easily integrated into Apple’s Health app, securely storing your fitness statistics and progress in one place.

MarchQuest´s fun challenges let you work out at your own pace, listening to your own music while you play. Unlocking the game’s achievements puts a kick in the routine, adding motivation and an element of surprise that takes the edge off of the struggle to stay in shape. The app tracks and maps your progress in both worlds, saving your data and plotting a course that lets you see the ground you cover.

Created by Gamers for Gamers

The game is the brainchild of Aharon Cagle, Loreful’s founder and creative director. After a life-changing incident in 2015, Cagle realized that pairing his passion for RPG games with his desire to get into shape would help people of all levels of physical activity achieve their fitness goals. This vision became a reality in September of 2016, when season one of MarchQuest hit the Apple App Store exclusively for iPhones. As of the time of writing, an Android version is due for release in 2017.

The robust architecture and design of the game satisfies even the most devoted RPG fans. As the adventure progresses, The MarchWarden explores the different lands of Vale, keeping in step with the player’s fitness progress in real life. A cast of 3-D animated characters is encountered along the way, guiding and challenging you through the different levels of the game. As an ensemble, the team strives to win over and unite the people of the land to save it from ruin.

At the end of the each quest, players take part in an interactive RPG dialogue session; making choices that shape the direction of the next adventure. The first season totals ten hours of content, and season two is already in development.

Future Plans

The creators of MarchQuest are actively building a community around the world of Lore and its characters, working to develop a forum through the game’s site and add a knowledge base about the app. Updates about the cast of characters and the creation of a Lorebook and Wiki page will be announced in the coming months.

-Jon Jared