Credit to: Bublar

If the boxing games available on the market today just weren’t cutting it, then AR studio Bublar has the game for you. Glowing Gloves turns anyone into a champion boxer, and all you need is an iOS device. The game has exited its beta stage and is available right now for free.

Bob and weave

Glowing Gloves uses the motion-tracking features of Apple’s ARKit and your phone’s camera to let you get physical while you box. You swipe your screen to throw punch combinations, but when you have to move in the ring or dodge, you physically move your body. Alongside your actual stamina, there is in-game stamina to manage. The game supports local multiplayer, so you and a friend can find a large space and run around each other while throwing punches. Whether or not you collapse to the ground upon defeat is up to you.

“Practice some combos in an authentic boxing gym experience and when you’re ready, challenge your friends to a bout,” said Bublar studio director Wictor Hattenbach. “Each opponent will differ, testing your skill and fitness levels.”

To block your opponent, you press both of your thumbs on the screen at once. You can activate a special “Glowing State” by doing so, as well.

Once the match has ended, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of statistics. These include how many shots you landed and blocked, the time of the match, and a breakdown of punch types. A leaderboard is also included to show how you compare against the best of the best, and there will be seasonal events with changes to the rules.

Glowing Gloves currently supports the iPhone 6S and up as well as the 2017 iPad and up, so there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to run it. Though the free-to-play model uses microtransactions, they are for cosmetic items alone.