If you’re a VR enthusiast or just someone on the fence about the phenom that is virtual reality, you’ve no doubt heard your fair share of issues about headset-related sweating. While there is a large section of gamers who never experience any real issue with sweating while wearing their HMD, chatter about the sweating issue persists and there are about as many solutions to the problem as their are headsets. Well, set your bandanna aside, throw your 1980s headband back to your attic and don’t go out and buy that industrial-sized fan just yet. VRCover.com has just released three new interface sets for the Oculus Rift that you should definitely try out! The best part? They’re customizable to your needs!

The Specs

The Standard and Pro sets available on the site are composed of a polyurethane leather foam replacements that come in red and blue. They boast that these new ones are made of better material, which will equate with a better VR experience, and they’ll fit even if you wear glasses.

The Standard set comes in either red or black with four colored foam replacements with a cotton cover designed to soak up any sweat.

The Pro set comes with two facial interfaces and three colored foam replacements that vary in size, which should satisfy almost any user. With this set you’ll also get a cotton cover designed to soak up some sweat for super active users.

There’s also a simple replacement set available as well. All of these offerings are great additions to your next VR workout because they can help eliminate some moisture, better fit the HMD to your face and help prevent some of the movement that might come from the moves you’ll make as your thrashing through Audioshield!

Why use a VR cover?

Be honest: When you’re using VR for fitness, you’re bound to sweat and some of that sweating happens on your face–especially because you’re wearing the HMD. If you’re one of those folks that sweats a lot, a VR cover is essential. If you’re not prone to getting a little wetness on your brow from your VR workout, it’s still a good idea to have a VR cover for hygiene purposes–especially if you’re sharing with any other users. VR covers, like any aftermarket part you would add to hardware that comes in constant direct contact with your hands, face or body, are important to keep your HMD clean, last longer and ultimately protects your investment.
How do they work?
As you might expect, VR covers essentially cover the part of the headset that is touching your face. You know that thin pad on the Oculus and Vive that comes between you and the actual HMD? That’s the part that gets covered up and insulated when you use a VR cover. For the Rift, that pad is detachable and your cover wraps right around it, which is held in place with Velcro tabs before you set it back onto the HMD. For the Vive, the foam pad gets covered without removal, wrapping it completely around the pad (again held in place with Velcro) and followed by the side snaps further holding in place on the sides.
Other Cover Options
There are a lot of other options when it comes to buying VR covers. In fact, after a few seconds on Amazon, you’d be hard pressed not to be overwhelmed. The list of possibilities is more plush than some people’s living room sets with options like memory foameye pillow, soft cotton, waterproof, organic and even simple eye masks you can wear under your headset. With so many options, you’ll have to really consider if comfort is your goal (where you’d likely do well with a memory foam or plush pillow) or if you’re issue is sweat, which is likely the case for anyone using VR for fitness. In that case, a waterproof version may be a good idea, but you’ll still benefit from a soft cotton that can help wick away some of the potential moisture on your face.
We want to know what you’re using and what your next replacement is! Leave your solution in the comments!