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Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to step on the home plate and swing at a blazing fast pitch against a professional? Do you live, train, and breathe baseball?

Jarett Sims, the Founder and CEO of Monsterful VR, sparked the creation of the virtual reality sports gaming company in New York City. He’s developed an extraordinary training solution for athletes and the young at heart.


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In any sport, repetition is the key to solidifying muscle memory. Livestrong recommends baseball players exercise their core, legs, forearms, and shoulders during and in the off-season to keep their game on point. Keep your muscle memory in practice by playing Monsterful’s RBI-VR baseball simulation.

Holding a VR enabled baseball bat, student-athletes at the high school and collegiate level, as well as professional MLB players, will love to take a swing at the plate. Monsterful VR hopes to improve a batter’s reaction times, accuracy in hitting the ball, and even to prevent pitcher’s from overuse and injury during practice.

Batting practice against your own team can help you motivate each other, but there’s nothing like preparing for a game knowing your opponent’s pitching style. Batters will get to practice against players from teams who they’ll be competing against.

Coordination between teams and a database of pitchers from high school players to the pros is a great way to mix varying levels of ability and competition, and a great way to get players prepared for gameday.

Play The Pros

Like RBI-VR, Play The Pros is a VR sports simulation game that can be enjoyed by casual players, gamers, and athletes. You’ll be face to face with Major League Baseball players as you prepare for and learn their pitching style. Play The Pros was created by collecting data from professional players, complete with accurate throwing styles and technique to keep your muscle memory evolving.

SportTechie reported that teams like the Detroit Tigers have helped Monsterful gain valuable insight based on data taken during playback or actual professional pitching. MLB COO Gene Orza, league scout Jeremy Booth, and major league managers Dusty Baker, John McLaren, and Lloyd McClendon are all reported industry supporters of Monsterful VR and the Play The Pros simulation.

Athletes will practice against major league players and boost already existing skill sets while maintaining a competitive edge against teams who aren’t equipped with this technology. VR Fitness Insider reported that other pro sports teams like the 49ers have already begun utilizing VR simulations to train their players to see the game and scenarios in ways they’ve never experienced.

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Monsterful hopes to draw in younger players who are thinking about entering the sport and want to ignite a passion for it. The draw of VR games and sports will grow even further when Monsterful adds other sports simulations like football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and tennis to their catalog.

Middle school and high school athletes will benefit from using Play The Pros by practicing year round and by gaining and then transferring those new or improved skills on the diamond, field, court, or rink. High school athletes looking to play at the college level or with hopes to one day become a pro will gain valuable experience batting against the toughest competition and will set the bar higher for other students and teams.

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Players planning a future in sports will have data collected on their stats, which can be easily shared with scouts and prospective teams. Student-athletes that give data to scouts, colleges, and professional teams will separate themselves from the competition and will give their prospective teams an opportunity to assess the details of their skill with fairness and accuracy.


Elevate Your Game

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Athletes, challenge your muscle memory — keep it responsive and consistent — in baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, and soccer by using Play The Pros.

If you’re looking to improve your swing or anticipating pitches, Monsterful’s RBI-VR will help you gain insight into your baseball game, so you can make moves to elevate yourself to the collegiate or professional level.