There’s already a budding community of modders in Audica—here’s how to find and install their work.

The launch of Harmonix’s pulsing rhythm-shooter hybrid Audica has been met with much fanfare from the VR community, including some Redditors hailing it as Han Solo having stepped up to the plate to try something different in the shadow of many would-be Luke Skywalkers honing their handiwork in Beat Saber. While it is still only in its infancy as an early access beta, Audica already has a ragtag team of mappers in its very own fledgling modding community. And while these modders and mappers are taking care of porting new content into the laser-quick rhythm game, you might be confused about how to add new songs into your own installation directory.

Luckily for you, there’s a beginner’s guide for this. You can find it here, on CruzerBass’s YouTube video:

If you can’t be arsed to check out the entire full-length 60-second video for instructions, here they are:

1. In order to discover your definitive source of new songs, visit the official Discord group.

2. Enter the #finished-songs channel of the Discord group you just joined to download new Audica songs.

3. Find your installation directory:

4. Navigate to the ‘songs’ subfolder and place in any .audica files you’ve downloaded:

5. Enjoy your new songs!

Audica is a creative new rhythm game from Harmonix studios that, ultimately, gets plenty of heat in a few circles for not being “as good” as Beat Saber. While Beat Saber is set to reach a higher level of stardom pretty soon now that its announcement to release on the Oculus Quest has been made, Audica is trying to do something much much different and, as such, could also become a versatile, must-have VR rhythm game on its own. While not always entirely legal, custom content could surely help it get to that point faster.

Which songs would you love to see become custom maps in Audica? Let us know in the comments.