Fans of Battlewake, the new naval combat game from Survios, can celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 with a community event and the launch of Virtual Athletic League’s Battlewake International Contest.

In Battlewake, a VR-exclusive game, players take the form of a Pirate Lord (Diego, Rev, Calavera, or Zhang) and then use ancient magic to unleash tsunamis, send storms upon the enemy, and release the notorious Kraken. There is also an array of thirteen different ship-based weapons such as cannons, ballistae, and axe-throwers that they can use to upgrade their warships.

High seas mayhem officially began on September 10 with the release of Battlewake on PC VR headsets. The game has also been released on Playstation VR. Distribution for the Oculus Quest will be announced for a later date.

There are several different modes, including single-player, multi-player and co-op. Battlewake can be played standing or seated.

Survios is known for well-made, creative VR games that take advantage of the immersive environment of virtual reality and the company has a talent for thinking “outside the box.” The studio has spawned Sprint Vector – a sprint racing game that will test your physical endurance, Creed: Rise to Glory – which gives you the ability to train virtually with legendary boxing greats such as Rocky Balboa, and Raw Data – a sci-fi combat game that requires wit in addition to skill. These are only a few of the wonderful VR games from the Los Angeles-based virtual reality studio.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Whether they’re arranging challenges for their Vectorheads, putting together a fight night, or hosting developer happy hours, Survios encourages community involvement. They’ve announced a special event for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but haven’t released specifics yet. Join the Survios Discord and keep an eye on announcements for more information about this September 19 event.

Battlewake International Contest

For wanna-be-pirates who live near a VR arcade, International Talk Like a Pirate Day also marks the launch of Virtual Athletics League Season 3. VAL has partnered with HTC, LIV, and Survios to feature Battlewake as the first tournament of the season.

The Virtual Athletics League began in 2016 out of Virtualities, an arcade in Salt Lake City. The league benefits arcades by providing a support network for VR arcade business owners as well as the opportunity to participate in international tournaments. Players benefit by having a place where they can go fellowship with local VR community members, join teams, and participate in competitions and other events.

In August 2018, VAL organizers partnered with LIV to host an International Beat Saber Tournament that ended up being the largest VR esports arcade tournament event to date. Several thousand players participated in the event that took place at over 168 locations around the globe.

If you’re an arcade owner interested in participating in the Battlewake International Contest for VAL Season 3, complete this form and also visit the VAL website if you’re not already a member.

Players who are interested in becoming a VR esports athlete with Virtual Athletics League or participating in the Battlewake International Contest should complete this player form or visit your local arcade for more information.

The regular season Battlewake competition will take place September 19-22.


Prizes for the VAL Season 3 Battlewake competition are as follows:

  • 1st place: $1,000 + HTC Vive Pro
  • 2nd place: $250
  • 3rd place: $150
  • 4th place – 9th place: $100 each


Once you purchase Battlewake on Steam or through the Oculus store, be sure to take advantage of the community events and other resources. Join the VALVR Discord for more information about season 3 in the announcements channel.


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