Since Melanie Korfhage hasn’t been able to go to the gym thanks to the pandemic, she has been using her Oculus Quest for fitness and over the past couple of months she has developed an hour-long Beat Saber playlist for an effective cardio workout.

“I couldn’t find [a good list] while I was searching that was up-to-date with newer music,” states Korfhage. “I found a few YouTube videos, but I don’t like scrolling through fluff just to find the content I want.”

The 1-hour playlist isn’t random. Korfhage arranged it in such a way that the first few songs are good for warm-up and once your body is ready for a more dynamic workout, the songs progress in difficulty. Of course users should always stretch before any VR workout and while she recommends playing these on expert mode or higher, you can adjust the difficulty levels of the songs to meet your individual needs.

1-Hour Beat Saber Playlist

  • Balearic Pumping
  • Beat Saber
  • Commercial Pumping
  • Escape
  • Legend
  • Be There For You
  • Rum n’ Base
  • Origins
  • Reason for Living
  • Immortal
  • Angel Voices
  • Burning Sands
  • FitBeat
  • Crab Race

Regarding that gym membership, Korfhage says she enjoys group workouts so while she probably won’t cancel it, she does plan to downgrade the membership since she won’t need to worry about cardio classes.

In addition to Beat Saber, Korfhage plays BoxVR for fitness. She also enjoys playing Drop Dead, Space Pirate, and Journey of the Gods. When she wants to relax, Korfhage boots up Wander and teleports to peaceful locations around the world.