If you’re like us, you’re currently stuck at home without much to do, but Beat Games is hoping to fix that. The latest Beat Saber music pack adds some of producer Timbaland’s biggest songs to the game, and it’s available now.

More jams for slashing

On sale for about $8 across PlayStation Store, Oculus Store, and Steam, the Timbaland Music Pack includes five songs.

  • “Has a Meaning”
  • “Dumb Thingz”
  • “While We’re Young”
  • “What I Like”
  • “Famous ft. Jake Davis”

These songs can all be purchased separately, as well, for $2 each. Timbaland is an eclectic producer, so it’s possible you’ll want a few of the songs included without needing to purchase the entire DLC pack.

Just like in the rest of Beat Saber, the gameplay consists of swinging your two sabers at the targets racing toward you. You need to use one of two colors and swing in the right direction in order to earn points. It’s a great option for first starting VR, but it’s also a tremendous fitness tool. Swinging and moving around in Beat Saber can get your heart pumping quickly in only a few minutes. With gyms and public spaces shutting down, it’s also a great way to stay in shape from home.

The Timbaland Music Pack is far from the only DLC bundle for Beat Saber. The game also has a collaborative pack between Rocket League and Monstercat, a Green Day pack, and a Panic! at the Disco Pack. It’s even possible to add your own custom songs to the game if you have very specific taste or want a particular song for your workout.

With think Beat Saber is one of the best high intensity VR games available now. At $30, it’s an inexpensive option when compared to fitness equipment. You’ll also have a lot more fun than jumping rope or punching a bag at the gym.