Beat Games, the creators of Beat Saber, has put out a fitness-focused beat map called Fitbeat. The track was created by Jaroslav Beck, the former CEO of Beat Games, and has that classic Beat Saber sound to it.

I have been playing the map all morning trying to master it. A few things I noticed that make this map different from others is they’ve added a lot more overhead walls that make you crouch down to get your squats in for the day. The left and right side walls keep you dodging and hit your core perfectly to get you moving from side to side. The directional box patterns are challenging and keep you focused, but once you start to memorize the map, the flow begins to open up, and it just feels good to play.

If you want to push your VR workout even more with this track, play the 360 version of it. It’s intense and delivers a fantastic challenge to master.

Fitbeat is the perfect map to add to your VR workout routine. Once I catch my breath, I will be adding it in the middle of my workouts to kick up the intensity to help burn those extra calories.

You can download Fitbeat on Steam, Oculus and PSVR.

Let us know what you think of the new Beat Saber fitness track.