Has this season of quarantine made you go one step closer to the edge and nearly break with how often you’ve been trapped indoors? Well, worry not, as the ever-popular Beat Saber has today received a sizable new slate of add-on content that should help keep you busy in the near future.

Available right now on all platforms, Beat Saber has now received an injection of 11 new songs from the popular rock band, Linkin Park. The latest addition of DLC to the game features tracks from Linkin Park’s first three albums in Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight. The music pack as a whole stands as the largest that has come to Beat Saber so far and brings the total number of beatmaps in the game to 55.

Linkin Park has become yet another rock band that has seen its music joining the larger tracklist of Beat Saber over the past year. In recency, other bands such as Green Day, Imagine Dragons, and Panic! At The Disco have joined the game’s rotation of songs as paid add-on content. In total, Beat Saber itself now has a pretty varied lineup or music, especially compared to the game’s launch version which mainly saw tracks from EDM and Electronic genres present.

As for the songs from Linkin Park that have made their way into the game, here’s the full lineup:

  • Bleed It Out
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Faint
  • Given Up
  • In The End
  • New Divide
  • One Step Closer
  • Numb
  • Papercut
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • What I’ve Done

In addition to the full tracklist, Beat Games also released a new trailer to coincide with the pack’s arrival which you can watch right here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTwCNXEELOM]

While new songs coming to Beat Saber is always a net positive as well, Beat Games has gone above and beyond this time around with the Linkin Park pack. Rather than just releasing the songs alone, each Linkin Park track in Beat Saber is playable in a wholly new environment that Beat Games designed. The location is based on the tunnel that appears in the music video from One Step Closer and is decked out with all kinds of different LP iconography to celebrate the group’s debut album. From the band’s name on the walls to the Hybrid Theory logo at the bottom of the floor, this location is unlike anything else in the game.

On a personal level, Linkin Park has always been one of the bands I listen to the most when I work out, for one reason or another. In a time where I’m not going to the gym anymore like I used to be, the fact that they’ve now made their way over to Beat Saber is absolutely perfect for me. I’ve honestly not played Beat Saber in a hot minute, but I’ll definitely be picking the game up again here soon to give all of these new tracks a shot.

The Linkin Park music pack is available now for Beat Saber on Steam, the Oculus Store, and the PlayStation Store. The pack as a whole retails for $13.99, but you can also buy each song individually for only $1.99 if you’d prefer. Beat Saber is compatible with Oculus Quest, Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

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