Credit to: Beat Games

Beat Saber has been one of the most popular games in the realm of virtual reality for years at this point and thanks to a new free update, the game has now gotten even better.

The latest update for Beat Saber, version 1.10.0, just landed on PC recently and with it has come a whole slew of new additions. The most noteworthy new inclusions in this update come in the form of a variety of new beatmaps for the game. In total, Beat Games has added 46 new beatmaps to Beat Saber to help add more variety to the game. These new beatmaps are spread across 18 different songs and come in the form of 10 new 360 degree levels, 10 new 90 degree levels, and 26 new One Saber maps. All in all, this update adds a ton of replayability to the game and should help spice up your workouts even more, assuming that you use the game to help get in a good sweat on a routine basis.

Along with these updates to Beat Saber, developer Beat Games has provided a handful of extra fixes to ongoing problems that were persisting in the game. Some of these include alterations to controller button mapping that were caused by improperly detected Rift headsets, fixes with player names on leaderboards, and audio issues that were coming about when trying to save a project in the beatmap level editor. If you have previously experienced any of these problems, they should hopefully be rectified now moving forward.


It’s worth noting that if you play Beat Saber on PlayStation VR, this new update still hasn’t come to the platform just yet. Beat Games has apologetically said that the new patch on PS4 has been delayed “due to technical issues with the release process.” However, it doesn’t seem like the delay should take too long and the problem should be resolved soon.

The official Beat Saber Twitter account has said it will stay in contact with fans about when the patch is slated to go live for PS VR users. “We’re doing our best to deliver it to you as soon as possible. Please be patient, we will keep you updated!” Beat Games said in a Tweet. “Thank you for your understanding.”

Beat Saber is available now and can be played on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and PlayStation VR headsets. For more on Beat Saber, be sure to check out our own fitness review of the game.