Beat Saber by Hyperbolic Magnetism is a music and rhythm-driven VR game that’s taken the top seller spot for VR games on Steam and has over 100,000 copies sold! It now has over 10,000 Discord community members and community contributors that are working hard to bring saberists and Jedi’s together to create custom songs and beat cube placement, as well as other fun extras to take the game to whole other level. 

Continue on to find out the best resources for Beat Saber mods only if you’ve already downloaded Beat Saber first.

Beginner Guides On Discord

Get onto Discord or make an account and then go to the Beat Saber Mod Group. Once you create a username, verify email, and join the group, on the left side you’ll see a bunch of hashtags (#). Find #beginners-guide to begin your journey to the music-driven world of Beat Saber modding.

Beat Saber Mod Installer

This is the most straightforward and easiest way to download and install the Beat Saber Mod Installer. Go here to Github, download the BeatSaberModInstaller.exe, Run the program and do the 2 steps and you’re finished. This download includes a Song Loader plug-in, a ScoreSaber Leaderboard plug-in, and the In-Game Song Downloader plug-in. Once this is done, read the next section. There’s a second way as well, so please scroll past the first part and you’ll see the second type of download.

Finished Songs and Maps

Visit the Beat Saber Mod Group on Discord (see link above) and visit their #finished-songs section for all the newest modded and freshly mapped songs. To search for a specific song make sure you’re in #finished-songs, I hit Ctrl+F and in: finished-songs popped up and I filled in the song I was looking for that way, but if you don’t want to do it that way you can click on the right search bar and type: in: finished-songs song, band, or singer. If you can’t find the song you’re looking for, you can always suggest a song in their #song-requests section.

Extra Fancy Mods

If you’re the DIY type and get a kick out of creating your own maps for the game’s players to get their workout on by slashing beat cubes by the hundreds, go to the Beginner’s Guide for Mappers and go to the #beginners-guide part of their Discord channel to begin your journey to the expansive world of extreme Beat Saber modding. There they’ll show you step by step on what to download. Freeek has an extensive and thorough YouTube channel playlist called Beat Saber Customs that you should watch before attempting.

In this same section, they’ll also give driven Jedi’s a Beginner’s Guide to Using Custom Sabers and steps to download its plug-in for more options than the standard neon red and blue. Once it’s been downloaded, you can click through their #finished-sabers section to search and download mods to make your sabers look like crowbars, swords, bones, and other shiny and new weapons. There’s also a #finished-avatars section that has downloads to turn you into Darth Maul, Hatsune Miku, or other avatars as the community adds to it.

Searchable Modded Songs

You can look through #finished-songs and can suggest songs in the #song-requests section of the Beat Saber Mod Group on Discord, but you can also peruse the nifty website called Beat Saver as well. Searching for your favorite tunes on a website like Beat Saver can be a better option for some folks who’d prefer not to use the Discord app on their phones and would rather search on their browser. Or, skip searching for songs on the internet like a lowly newbie and instead search for them while you’re in Beat Saber which has become enabled with the Beat Saber Mod Installer you just downloaded from Discord.

Credit to: Beat Saver

Beat Saber Song Requests on Reddit

If you’re not looking to spend hours mapping and dialing in nuances, there’s another way to get the songs you want. Request songs and beats that haven’t been created yet through Reddit. Their subreddit r/beatsabersongs has pages full of requests, so search to see if your song idea is already suggested or if a song map has been created. This is a great way to communicate and provide constructive criticism to anyone who’s doing the hard work of mapping and syncing up the music to the beat cubes, which also helps the community and content become better too. 

Beat Saber Obstacle Remover

For people with back issues, this one’s for you. This Beat Saber Obstacle Remover can be used to get rid of horizontal and vertical walls so players with back problems won’t have to stand there and take a combo reduction that will affect their overall score.