While there weren’t many fitness games that came out for the mobile platforms this year and most games were centered around using a controller, there were still some motion based games that came out. Most of these push the gray line on what we consider to be VR, AR, and MR but they’re the only high quality fitness VR/AR/MR games for the platform right now. Let’s get into them.



For those of us who don’t have VirZoom to take us to another location can simply download BitGym. This game takes you to another location, but don’t confuse it with a headset game as you will not be using a headset with this game. Instead, you simply place it on your fitness machine and it keeps track of your motion, which translates to motion in the game. This game classifies as Augmented Reality since it modifies a real world simulation of a place in the world.

MyFit VR Collection



MyFit VR looks good, if you can get it to work for you since this application needs two phones in order to work. The idea is to reuse an old phone or buy a cheap phone that can act as a motion sensor. You don’t need it in order to play the instructional videos, but you do need it in order to play any games inside. Beyond that, these games will provide you with a nearly full VR experience on your mobile phone and all of it is powered by your motion, which you provide by exercising.


GameFit Bike Race


Technically it is Virtual Reality, but contextually it’s not since there is no headset. Beyond that, this game is another that keeps track of your exercise bike’s speed and uses it in the game to determine how fast you will go. This is the number one listed application for the iTunes store, but it comes with some issues because the game is precalibrated for certain devices (iPhone and iPad). This doesn’t exactly limit it, but you may have some issues with it.

As you can see, there isn’t really that much when you look into fitness-specific phones. This is because the Gear VR and Cardboard VR has only just released recently so there hasn’t been much time for more games to come out. Regardless, these games will help you fulfill that resolution for this coming year so good luck on getting and staying fit.