Credit to Play Biba!/Biba Ventures Inc.

Running around and playing games like tag with friends is a childhood memory that no kid should go without. Do you worry that your little ones are staring more at the television screen or smartphone rather than being a kid and having real fun? With the rise in popularity of augmented reality, or AR, on smartphones, more parents are taking their children to smart playgrounds and parks that use AR apps like Biba.

Bringing Tech To Parks

The Canadian AR app, Biba, is bringing parents and kids ages 3 to 9 together for playtime with their exciting playground app. Playing outside is more interactive with parks that install the AR technology. The Biba app comes with free mobile games that are paired with AR-enabled playground equipment and motivates kids to interact with equipment like the jungle gym, monkey bars or swings in a new and creative way. Instead of seeing Biba as just an app, kids see it as a game that they can use with their friends or as a tool to make new ones!

All you need to do is download the app for free on iTunes or Google Play, and visit one of the thousand Biba and PlayPower Inc playgrounds. Parks and play spaces with Biba’s scannable AR markers can be used to unlock new challenging games and puzzles. Players can earn rewards and AR treats that motivates them to play outdoors and use their imagination at the same time. If a park near you doesn’t have the Biba markers, the mobile app has easy to use AR games that can be played anywhere on a smartphone.

Parent and Kid-Approved

Parents will absolutely love that their smartphone doesn’t have to leave their hands for their children to enjoy using Biba. All they need to do is scan the Biba AR markers and have fun with the mini-games! Kids of all ability levels will use their imaginations to pick their character and activity as they go, keeping their minds engaged and bodies active. Hard working parents and their children will love that they can share togetherness time with each other, instead of leaving the television or smartphone to get all the attention.

The Biba app is not only exciting and fun, it’s also super secure and COPPA compliant, which is great news for family privacy. Playtime data is anonymous, encrypted, and cloud collected. Using Biba can help parents track how long or how often a child has been playing, which equipment they liked the best or used the most.

Schools and communities that use Biba can learn a lot about how kids and their parents use their play spaces. With each scan, Biba can collect information about which games and activities are the most popular as well as regional data like where Biba players use playground equipment, which serves to improve the app’s games and future playground advancements.

Biba and Family Fitness

Credit to Play Biba!/Biba Ventures Inc.

We’ve reported that virtual reality can help motivate kids, teens, and their parents off the couch with immersive kid-friendly VR games that are too fun to feel like exercise. AR fitness apps like Biba have the same power to get families to put their sneakers on, head out the door, and walk to the park or backyard for play time. Games like Biba Relay can get families or friends to be more active and social by working together as a team. Tracking the type and duration of a child’s playtime is easy to access and understand the Biba Play Tracker.

Credit to Play Biba!/Biba Ventures Inc.

Kids can get light, moderate, and vigorous activity at any time of the day and keep track of their progress. The light exercises give kids a warm-up or light rest, while the moderate exercise like Biba Go Seek motivates them to run around and have unstructured play time on equipment. The vigorous activities will have them conquering physical challenges as they play, meet new friends, and have a great time. Parents and caregivers will enjoy that they can connect with kids and get fit right alongside them, making Biba a family fitness app.

Where To Find Them

The Biba app is compatible with smartphones and can be found on Google Play and the iTunes Store for free! If you want to contact them about business opportunities or anything else call them at 1-844-YES-BIBA.