Big Shot AR Sports App Promotes Walking, Gameplay, and Fantasy Sports


There’s a new AR app and it’s being called the “Pokemon Go for sports”. Big Shot AR is an ePlay smartphone app that will connect sports fans to sports-focused games, fantasy sports team creation, avatar selfies with different avatar athletes, and streamed esport coverage. This is an on-the-go app for seasoned sports fans, new fans, and people who want to be more active without having to actually work out like an athlete.

Key Players

As an augmented reality sports and entertainment platform, Big Shot AR is going to connect a mix of loyal sports fans to interactive AR experiences they can’t find just by watching a game on TV. Basketball fans can expect to see Big Shot Basketball, the apps first title, to get released very soon. “In the last month, as ePlay prepares to launch Big Shot Basketball, the companies partnerships with massive Instagram Influencers like Sommer Ray, traditional media like Maxim magazine, 3rd party developers and apps that have not yet been revealed, sports broadcaster Lindsay McCormick, and NBA legend Robert Horry” reports ePlay Digital.

Big Shot Basketball is a great start for the app, but they are also expected to create gaming content based on various sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, soccer and more. Their sports games are being compared to Pokemon Go for using a smartphone’s GPS to walk around and find unique locations that also unlocks taking a selfie with a famous athlete. Athletes and the app’s users will appear as look-alike avatars but the real treat comes in the form of athlete avatars having their stats floating nearby.

Gotta Team Em’ All

Credit to: ePlay/Big Shot AR

Pokemon Go users have clocked in enough walking time to reach Pluto, according to a 2016 Inverse article. That number has likely skyrocketed since then due to the GPS-enabled app’s immense popularity among active individuals looking for motivation and loyal fans of the TV show, movie, and franchise.

Big Shot AR is taking a page from Niantic’s playbook and are going full GPS with their app. Promoting walking, activity, curiosity, and adventure are just a few of the features that can promote better health and the growth of a new hobby. Having a goal of getting outside in the fresh air and taking a walk around the neighborhood, hike, or during long-distance travel can influence fans to walk more laps, for longer durations, tackle stairs, inclines, and walking or hiking routes for a payoff of building up a team.

ePlay Digital’s President and CEO, Trevor Doerksen shared with us what sports fans, esports fans, and fantasy sports fans can expect in the coming months, “Big Shot Basketball allows players of all ages to build their fantasy team by actively exploring their surroundings in Augmented Reality with nothing more than a smartphone and the Big Shot app.” He also went on to say, “Big Shot will be on tour this Summer at street basketball tournaments across the country helping youth and adult teams meet 3D avatars of NBA players, build teams, take selfies, apply filters, and enter challenges – from court-side to around the community.”

Having an all ages and AR sports app not only keeps things G-rated, but it also helps create new fans, establishes a deeper connection with seasoned fans, bridges the gap between a fans favorite teams and other teams, and also connects them to the world around them through their own mobile phones. Families and friends that are fans of a team can build teams together while also getting more steps in.

Where To Follow Them  

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