A major update is coming to BigBox VR’s award-winning battle royale game Population: One with the launch of Season One, “Uprising.” In addition to some long awaited history behind the Seekers and the Uprising, the 10-week-long season will introduce new free content, new weapons, map updates, as well as some highly-requested features to this game that has captured over $10 million in sales within three months after launch. Players are going to love what’s ahead!

Released in October 2020, Population: One has quickly become the premier battle royale experience in immersive reality. Set in a colorful, open world in the near future, players can climb, fly, and build while engaging in intense challenging firefights. Population: One encourages social interaction, physical activity, and competitive play at a level that is only possible with the power of virtual reality.

“The Season One update builds upon our Vertical Combat System to give players even more ways to play and create social connections, only possible in VR. We can’t wait to share more details soon on what’s coming in Season One,” said Chia Chin Lee, BigBox VR’s CEO and co-founder.

While the company enjoys teasing players with tidbits of information, they’ve provided just enough that it should keep the community busy speculating on the lore, discussing how they plan to use the new weapons, and preparing for the addition of private servers.

New Weapons

Population: One changed the future of battle royale games and now regular updates ensure that players remain engaged in this dynamic environment. Fighting in close quarters will be even more intense with the introduction of melee weapons that include the katana and knife.

A high-powered Light Machine Gun (LMG) will also provide a new support class weapon to suppress enemy fire so squadmates can flank the enemy undetected and secure the win.

The Tower

As Season One progresses, the environment of Population: One will change as the Seekers try to take control of the town and they’ll finally have a chance to go inside the mysterious Tower.

There has been a lot of speculation about what’s inside this Tower, but all players really know is that we want to be inside that tower to learn more about the Bureau, the megacorporation that controls this near-future world of Population: One.

Additional Features

The Population: One community hasn’t been shy about sharing feedback and requests with the developers on the community forums. The active team from BigBox VR can be found engaging with players on social media as well as in game. Several highly requested features will now be available in the first season.

Players will be able to gift Seeker Credits to each other to unlock exclusive content.

In addition, players will be able to hang out in the lobby and choose who they want to play with and when they start a round with the introduction of private servers, which has been one of the most requested features.

“With the launch of Season One later this month, both new and existing players will find themselves challenged in a new way,” said Gabe Brown, BigBox VR’s CTO and co-founder. “We’re incredibly excited to see how players will use the new environment, weapons, and features!”

Connect with the Community

Population: One is available on all major VR platforms, including Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR and Valve Index.