Black Box VR is teaming up with high-value low price gym leader EoS Fitness to offer virtual reality enhanced workouts nationwide. It will blend VR with dynamic resistance training that will give gym-goers a high-intensity workout. It will launch in the southwest United States this summer in both Arizona and California before coming to additional locations in the next two years.

The fitness program will see users wearing a virtual reality headset and other wearable accessories that track hand and body motions as well as their heart and metabolic rates. They will be able to use a private 10-foot-by-10-foot space to workout in, so there is no need to worry about running into objects like at home.

Due to its solitary nature, Black Box calls it the “perfect social distancing workout.” It will help you become stronger, increase your cardio, lose body fat, and tone your muscle while also keeping you entertained and mentally engaged. The workouts will come with interactive tutorials, competitive features, and offer players a complete body workout.

Initially, there will be a free trial, so those curious about using virtual reality for fitness can give it a try with no added fee. After that expires, it will be available to EoS Fitness members as an add-on amenity. The rollout will see Black Box VR in all EoS Fitness markets within the next two years, and the first four locations will be Oceanside, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona, in early July with Tempe and Peoria, Arizona, joining them in early August.

“Black Box VR is a first for the fitness industry,” EoS Fitness CEO Rich Drengberg says. “Whether our members are super competitive or simply want to challenge themselves with something new, this full-body, strength-training-based workout is an innovative new option to ensure working out at the gym is never boring. Our goal is to continue to challenge our members and communities by bringing them cutting-edge fitness options to keep them coming back for more. Black Box VR completely tests your physical limits, all while playing a game.”

Black Box VR Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Preston Lewis explains that the artificial intelligence will track your stats in real-time and will use that to push you to better workouts. “You’ll build muscle, lose fat and enjoy every time-optimized, 30-minute workout,” Lewis says. “We’ve cracked the code in getting people to stick to their workouts. Black Box VR is gaming plus serious fitness.”

Black Box VR’s fitness experience has plenty of replayability, so you won’t get bored, and also provides a low-impact environment to work out in. This will help users exercise more without feeling any pain. The artificial intelligence will track your movement and recommend how many sets and reps to do for each workout, so you will always get a great customized experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Ryan DeLuca, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Box VR, is also excited about the partnership and is proud to be working with the team at EoS Fitness. “The entire EoS team is focused on helping members reach their fitness goals and they relentlessly seek out the exciting new ways to make that possible,” DeLuca says. “There’s no better place to launch the VR fitness revolution than right inside an EoS Fitness club.”

Disclosure: VR Fitness Insider is owned and operated by Strive VR LLC which is the parent company to Black Box VR.