Credit to: Black Box VR

VR Fitness Insider is excited to announce that Black Box VR was awarded as the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. The Boise, Idaho based company is showcasing their cutting-edge, boutique VR gym and cable resistance machine at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 9-12.

VR Fitness Leaders

Co-Founders Preston Lewis & Ryan DeLuca at CES Unveiled in New York. The team took home a CES Innovation Award for the Black Box Dynamic Resistance Machine. Credit to: Black Box VR

Black Box founders, Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, former team members, are leading the way as fitness and tech experts in the VR fitness industry and are honored and excited to have been awarded as the top contender in their field.

After years of hard work, Ryan DeLuca, CEO and Co-Founder, exclaims, “At Black Box VR, we are working to bring the revolutionary power of virtual reality to the fitness industry. After nearly two years of research and development, we are proud to unveil our product at CES!”

What Is Black Box VR?

Credit to: Black Box VR

When asked how Black Box will change fitness, Preston Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer added, “We are big believers in the ability of technology and emerging platforms to change people’s lives. Virtual reality, combined with our patent pending resistance training system, and the right game experience will push people to stick to their goals and will usher in a fitness revolution like never before.”

A Black Box client simply steps into the Black Box training room and places the hands-free VR controller wraps around each wrist. This allows the client to interact with the VR environment and without holding controllers. The hands are free to grab resistance handles in a natural and unobstructed way.

Credit to: Black Box VR

Wearing the head mounted display, the client will then get to choose their fitness experience based on what their personal goals are and become a full body controller. As clients exercise with the dynamic resistance machine, they interact with the virtual experience and the senses become immersed. The body tracking signals get sent to the AI hardware and adjust according to a client’s individual goals to deliver a workout that is personalized for them.

Realized Potential

Credit to: Black Box VR

Black Box’s dedicated team has spent years developing the best all-in-one virtual strength training and aerobic experience for their future fitness clients. The Black Box fitness revolution started in early 2016 when Preston Lewis and Ryan DeLuca took a look at the fitness and VR industry and saw that decreasing gym memberships and low attendance were caused by two things — hating to work out and inconsistency. When they experienced VR for themselves, they saw the fitness potential no one else had tapped into. It was this realization that brought about the creation of Black Box VR.

Level Up Your Life

Credit to: Black Box VR

Black Box VR’s mission is “to help you transform your life through addictive fitness experiences that harness the power of immersive technologies.” Their rep reading technology can help diehard and casual fitness clients prevent overuse and injury while also being responsive to those that need more intensity or resistance stacked up against them. Fitness warriors who are looking to break through muscle building, weight loss, or stamina plateaus will break right through them after consistent use of Black Box VR.

The Future of Fitness

Everyone who steps into the Black Box VR training room will have varying levels of fitness abilities and goals they’ll want to accomplish. It’s designed to help guide and shape the realization of those goals into real results by raising the bar on fitness and rising above cross-industry expectations. As the “world’s first virtual reality gym experience,” Black Box VR, is more than just a workout, it’s the future of fitness.

Disclosure: VR Fitness Insider is owned and operated by Strive VR LLC which is the parent company to Black Box VR.