Ahead of its start this coming weekend, Black Box VR has announced a new partnership with the Fan Controlled Football League, the newest sports league where fans get to call the shots. The collaboration sees Black Box hooking FCFL up with a handful of different workout devices that will allow players to stream their own exercises on Twitch if they choose.

Black Box VR was founded with the idea that working out doesn’t need to be boring. These workout machines represent that idea perfectly and allow those who utilize them to stay in shape while also blending in elements in gaming. It’s a mix that keeps users that much more invested in what they’re doing and helps them to create more consistent workout routines.

As for how these workout machines from Black Box VR work specifically, they help users by offering up a competitive exercise routine that improves their cardio and strength. Upon entering one of the machines, users first attach the accompanying virtual reality headset to themselves. Workouts last 30-minutes and will give users roughly 6 different resistance exercises of varying weights. The routines are meant to be for your whole body and mix in cardio, agility, and other speed exercises in between resistance sets to make sure that you’re keeping your whole body in motion.

This partnership between Fan Controlled Football and Black Box VR allows the league’s players to not only stay in shape, but also to connect with audiences. Players can choose to stream their own workouts on the Black Box VR Twitch channel where they can interact with viewers and also show off their own practice regimes. Bragging rights between players can also be on the line as the league’s best look to show off their own top scores.

This collaboration is that it also allows players in the Fan Controlled Football League to stay in shape in a socially distant manner. Each Black Box VR machine allows users to be confined within their own workout space that others cannot impede. This ensures that those who use the setup won’t only have enough room to move about and workout properly, but it also keeps things safe for everyone in the vicinity.

Conversely, if you’d like to watch Fan Controlled Football for yourself, the league is set to kick off this Saturday, February 13 at 5:00pm EST when the Glacier Boyz will take on the Wild Aces. Games will be streamed exclusively through Twitch where viewers can then help determine what plays will actually be run on the field. The league will run for six weeks before then naming a champion in its inaugural season.

You can read more about how Fan Controlled Football works right here.