VR Fitness Insider is excited to announce that fitness industry experts Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis are pioneering the VR fitness revolution as CES 2018’s Innovation Awards Honoree. Their Black Box VR system is a VR cable resistance machine that runs on eSport experience powered by the HTC Vive.

Black Box VR At CES 2018

If you want to demo the world’s first VR cable resistance and full-fitness gym experience and you’re in Las Vegas at CES 2018 swing by the Black Box VR booth for their unveiling on January 9-12 at the Sands, Halls A-D, Booth #44722. Be one of the first to step inside the Black Box booth and feel what it’s like to train the body using virtual reality in a gamified way.

Credit to: Black Box VR

In a statement, Ryan DeLuca, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Box explained the hard work it took from team members in the fitness and gaming industries to create their fitness system.  “For nearly two years, our team of veterans from both the fitness industry and the gaming industry have collaborated to harness the groundbreaking power of virtual reality to change the landscape of results-driven exercise and competitive Esports as we know it,” and that “We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our product in Las Vegas, and proud to have been honored with a CES Innovation Award.”

The reality of going to the gym and working out is that it can be intimidating to returning exercisers and exciting for established gym goers. Black Box VR does a great job at lowering the intimidation factor for their members by bringing fitness experts and fitness newbies together on a level playing field and then leveling up their individual abilities through exercise. Their innovative cable resistance machine turns working out in VR into a challenging game that will make participants forget their actually exercising and pushing themselves harder than any standard workout.

Level Up Your Life

Working out and seeing results like muscle gain or fat loss takes consistency and a regimen of well-balanced exercises that target varied muscle groups. CCO and Co-Founder Preston Lewis explains that, “In Black Box you will utilize strength, balance, and speed in a larger than life virtual world where we are able to harness the nature that is brought out in video games – dedication, determination, and longevity – and turn it into real, physical workouts that challenge both mind and body.”

Black Box VR is on a mission to help their members level up their lives with dynamic, customized, and competitive workouts. As the hero in their own fitness journey, members will get a body shredding workout when they put the headset on, hold the hands-free controller wraps, and begin their exciting workout. As a full body controller, Black Box members can see how hard they are pushing themselves by checking the leaderboard and can see how their scores stack up against other Black Box VR members.

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Credit to: Black Box VR

Black Box VR is such an effective workout experience that athletes and trainers will benefit from their rep reading technology. Overuse by burning out or overworking muscles can leave die-hard fitness buffs with injuries and exhaustion, preventing them from staying in peak conditioning and busting through plateaus. The VR cable resistance machine keeps members bodies from overuse with a smart and responsive system that can tell when muscles have reached maximum use without going overboard.

Virtual reality has had huge success in training and athletics with the NFL incorporating VR programs like STRIVR and baseball’s implementation of the TrinityVR simulation. With athletes seeing major gains in performance, VR is a powerful tool in keeping them in peak mental and physical fitness. Game changers like Black Box VR are leading innovators in the fitness industry who can help athletes, trainers and fitness experts work out smarter instead of harder.

The Black Box Team will be showcasing at CES 2018 next week where participants can try out the Black Box VR experience. Black Box recently won CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree and will be demoing their experience with HTC Vive. Check out the first demo at Booth #44722 on January 9-12 at the Sands, Halls A-D.

For media inquiries or to schedule an appointment to demo Black Box VR, please contact pr@blackbox-vr.com.

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