Credit to: Resolution Games

Shooters tend to impress players with fast-paced gameplay but Blaston isn’t your typical shooter by any means. Developed by Resolution Games, which has worked extensively on virtual reality games including Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and Bait!, Blaston will have players engage on one-on-one shootouts that will force players to dodge out of the way of slow-moving bullets that are strategically placed by their opponent. It’s set to release on Oculus Quest later this year during the fall, and will come to additional platforms afterward. 

“This game is really like no other VR title we’ve ever seen,” Resolution Games’ Chief Creative Officer Mathieu Castelli says. “While the bullets may come at you in slow motion, the game moves at a lightning fast pace. The idea for Blaston came from the old west shootouts and morphed into a futuristic dueling game. But in this battle, it’s all about positional awareness of you — your avatar — on a gladiator-like jousting platform just a stone’s throw away from your opponent. This situation completely embodies what VR should be: an escape to a new world where the space around you and your competitor are all that matters. If you’re not focused on the moment in Blaston, analyzing every movement of not only you, but also your opponent — and the projectiles around you — you lose.”

Blaston will keep players active as they attempt to master its nuanced gameplay. Players will have to stay aware of their placement as they use different futuristic weapons to gain an edge. Resolution Games says that players will have to manage picking up new weapons that spawn during matches while also ducking and diving to avoid projectiles.

“The concept of super close, slow-speed dueling is entirely unique,” Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm explains. “It requires players to almost look at it as a puzzle, putting together the various gameplay elements of movement, confined spaces, and slow-motion attacks. The delicate precision needed to avoid being blasted away from an assault of bullet hell-esque projectiles makes it very intense and a ton of fun.”

More information about the shooter, including details on the weapons and gameplay modes, will be released in the upcoming months on its Facebook and Twitter pages, so feel free to give them a follow if you’re interested.