Boarding VAR Helps Gamers With Motion Sickness Play VR/AR


Some people experience nausea when they play games in VR, but Boarding Ring’s Boarding VAR is aiming to give these folks a way to curb it. Put those over the counter meds away, there’s a pill-free solution on the horizon!

Getting Your VR Legs

When wearing a VR headset for the first time, players see VR in 2 ways: With fresh eyes and zero gaming experience or with fresh eyes and some gaming experience. The display is turned on, the scenes play out or the game begins, and the brain and eyes begin to process the user’s physical actions as they interact with virtual worlds.

VR nausea occurs when the eyes get a visual signal that the vestibular system (ears and balance) clashes with. When this occurs, the sensory system is getting a triple fake out from your eyes, brain, and ears as the body processes actual physical movement in reality and locomotion movement in VR.

The brain and body both say, we’re standing upright but the eyes tell the player they’re moving, flying, upside down, causing the senses to conflict and nausea can occur. Don’t fret, not everyone will experience this effect when playing VR, and many users have reported that playing more VR games actually decreases these symptoms over time. This is called getting your VR legs — the more you play, the more enjoyable VR will be!

What Is Boarding VAR?

Credit to: Boarding Ring/Boarding VAR

We reached out to Boarding VAR’s CEO, Antoine Jeannin, who shared more about what Boarding VAR is. He said that “Boarding VAR is a hardware device, composed of 2 additional screens driven by an IMU,” or an Inertial Measurement Unit; and that “Those screens are placed in the user’s temple area.”

He let us know that Boarding VAR  is “not a software solution” but it is a device you can attach to the headset. The Boarding VAR device has a horizontal plane but it isn’t projected into the field of view like a boundary line would be set up. The company’s CEO says that the horizontal plane “is a mental construction based on the signals seen on the additional screens. It doesn’t disturb the immersion as these signals are placed in the peripheral area of the vision.” 


Boarding VAR is said to be compatible with high-end and mobile VR and AR headsets like Google, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. 


What This Means For Fitness

Credit to: Boarding Ring/Boarding VAR

Gamers that feel nauseous while using VR games will likely see an improvement in how long they are able to play in VR, as well as how enjoyable the games become. People who felt defeated by their initial VR experience before they could get real benefits from playing it will get another chance to step into immersive and exciting worlds with the Boarding VAR device.

Fit gamers and athletes that get sick from the visual stimulus of VR will see improvement in the quality of their workouts and training sessions. But most importantly, potential VR owners who want to use virtual reality as a fitness and entertainment solution won’t have to worry about nausea becoming a barrier between them and their goals.

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You can find Boarding VAR by contacting them via email at [email protected] or by calling them at +33 6 24 31 35 69.

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