Gotham City Films’ new first-person combat VR game, Boxing Apocalypse has just been released for the Oculus Rift on January 16th. Step up to an alien and punch it right in the mug with your specialized boxing gloves. To escape their mysterious spaceship, you’ll be punching through waves of bloodthirsty aliens looking to destroy your world. You won’t be defeated that easily.

This VR boxer has 360-degree, immersive, and futuristic fighting environments, like a cage fight that takes place on board the ship, where you’ll beat up various ugly looking and toothy aliens. Boxing Apocalypse also has an easy to understand combat system that’s welcoming to VR newbies; simply hold the touch controllers and punch at the enemy.

Reach for those punch combos! Credit to: Gotham City Films, LLC

This is a great game for any entry level to advanced fit gamer looking to get an upper body workout from punching, and a core workout from twisting towards punches. Good posture and foot positioning are important here — back straight, fists up, fighting stance. Making sure that the core is stabilized and not hunched over will not only give you better support to land punches but it will help your back out as well. In fighting stance, one leg should be in front of the other, with the back and front leg both stabilizing you, as the back leg provides extra oomph behind punches.

Boxing Apocalypse has great upper body conditioning potential and has Power Punches so you can throw some extra weight behind those hooks and uppercuts. Putting force behind punching with both fists and in different combinations is going to get you more experience points and will strengthen your shoulders, arms, and chest the best. Barely moving the arms and controllers are not going to get you real results, you’ve got to sweat to earn it. Add hand wrap weights or a weighted vest to the workout so you can get buffer or get sweatier faster.

Get up close and then punch the alien! Credit to: Gotham City Films, LLC

Don’t worry if you’ve never played boxing games before, there are lower difficulty levels so you won’t be overwhelmed and will have to time to adjust as you get comfortable using VR. There are also higher skill levels and more difficult alien bad guys to beat for gamers who already have experience sweating through boxing VR games like BOX VR, Thrill of the Fight, The Fastest Fist, Sound Boxing, Beat Boxer, or Knockout League.

Gotham City Films has noted that they are going to add a Tournament Mode, multiplayer options, and other exciting Boxing Apocalypse levels to fight in this year. The Tournament Mode would be great for hosting an esports or vsports tournament based on the game like Sprint Vector does with their Championship Intergalactica, while the multiplayer options extend the game to friends, family members, and arcade visitors who want to fight other real-life players.

Purchase Boxing Apocalypse at the Oculus Store in the Gallery Apps section for $19.99. The alien boxing game will also be released on PlayStation VR soon at an unspecified date.