Credit to: FitXR/BOXVR

FitXR has just announced that their high-intensity VR rhythm boxing workout BOX VR will be released at the Oculus Store this month! Rift owners who add the refreshing and sweat-inducing cardio game to their VR gaming catalog are going to get a workout like no other. Get ready to duck, dodge and punch to the beat!

BOX VR is an award-winning VR fitness game that took home 3 of VR Fitness Insider’s – VR Fitness Awards 2017. The boxing workout took home Best VR Fitness Game of the Year, Best VR Boxing Fitness Game of the Year, and Best VR Cardio Fitness Game of the Year for their heavyweight contribution to VR fitness in 2017.

FitXR’s release of BOX VR is a sign that Oculus is now widening their game catalog away from experiences and first-person shooters. Previous to BOX VR’s release there were very few, if any, VR games in the Oculus Store that could actually double as a workout with an “Intense” comfort rating.

If you’re looking for an easy and predictable exercise, BOX VR isn’t your jam. If you want to shake up your body and give it a challenge, then BOX VR is for you. The rhythm boxing game will give you regularly updated boxing workouts with invigorating punch combos that have been curated by a team of fitness instructors.

FitXR knows no one wants to workout listening to sound effects and that music is important to keep the flow of the workout pushing forward. Fit gamers have the option to workout to BOX VR’s pulse-pounding electronica or you can upload and listen to your own pumped-up playlists for a personalized workout.

Seeing how many calories you’ve been burning is important to a workout too. Looking at the dashboard at the end of the virtual workout room will help you to keep track of your daily progress. Wear a smartwatch to keep track of more than the time, keep track of the workout and reach your target heart rate more efficiently.

BOX VR is DDR for the fists! Credit to: FitXR

The entire game is going to ignite your bodies calorie furnace, but the best workout in BOX VR is going to be in Survival mode. In Survival mode, the boxing workout get’s combined with an endless amount of time to punch and weave. Pushing the limits of the upper body, core, and lower body and punching until you give up will get you the results you’re looking for with consistency and a little grit.

You can purchase BOX VR on Steam for $19.99 for the HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and now for the Oculus Rift. Purchase BOX VR at the Oculus Store this month!