Credit to: FitXR

We’ve sung the praises of the VR fitness game BOXVR for last few years, but PlayStation VR players were previously unable to enjoy it. That changes today with the game’s launch on the platform, and all versions of the game are receiving significant upgrades.

Punch to the beat

Available now on the PlayStation Store for $29.99, BOXVR takes the same core game previously offered on Steam and Oculus and brings it to PlayStation VR. The game includes a trophy system with a Platinum trophy. It can also track your progress regarding calories burned and punches thrown, among other statistics. You can now build custom playlists using “MyWorkouts,” and there are 110 songs to choose from, which is more than double that in the previous version of the game.

The songs included are designed specifically to work with the routines in BOXVR, and there are a number of different genres to choose from. The game has added 11 routines, ranging in intensity for any type of player.

“Music gets you into the gym physically, into the workout mentally, and most importantly it keeps you going longer,” said fitness instructor Ianthe Mellors in the announcement.

If you owned BOXVR on one of its already-supported platforms, you won’t miss out on the fun. As the Steam and Oculus versions leave Early Access this week, they’ll receive the same content added to the PlayStation VR version. FitXR is also planning to continue releasing new content for the game, as well.

For those new to BOXVR, the game puts you in a gym and tasks you with throwing punches and dodging like a real boxer. You’re doing it to some sweet jams, however, and don’t have to actually take any hooks to the jaw in the process. We named it our Best VR Cardio Fitness Game of 2018, and it has helped players lose a substantial amount of weight.