Cerevrum is an award-winning San Francisco based tech company that is bringing a variety of life-changing VR experiences to headsets everywhere. Alexey Zinchenko, Denis Tambovtsev, Dmitry Kirillov and Natasha Floksy are the founding members of Cerevrum and are the driving forces behind Cerevrum Game, House of Meditation, and Vision Therapy VR apps.

Mind Games: Cerevrum Game

Exercising the mind is just as important as making sure the body is working like a well-oiled machine. We recently reported that playing video games improves attention, memory, and decision-making abilities. Readers who have heard of brain games will be happy to hear that Cerevrum’s games will activate and improve those areas of mental activity and improve other areas as well.

The Cerevrum Game has 2 games called Stardust and Heroes, that have been reported to help mental processes and challenge the participant over time, making the newly formed skills effective for use by the brain. Stardust has 3 increasingly difficult parts: Laser Drones, Pew-Pew, and Firestorm; Heroes also has 3 ambitious mental training parts: Excessive Cubes, Constellation Memory, and Polygons. VR users will enjoy having access to diverse games with ranging difficulties and specialized training, so they’re being challenged on existing and newly earned skills.

Brain gamers can find Cerevrum Game on the following platforms: Gear VR, Oculus, Daydream and Steam VR.

Take A Break: House of Meditation

Meditation is a popular way to clear the mind of clutter and has even been known to help with immune function, pain relief, and inflammation reduction. On top of it all, it can help meditators stay calm under pressure and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

House of Meditation will transition its active viewers into 8 realms of serenity. The diverse environments will soothe anyone’s frazzled nerves with beautifully designed 360-degree landscapes and disarming music that could make even the most high-intensity mind doze off. Try out their Japanese garden, a tropical beach, a Tibetan meditation room, a futuristic version of Mars, Prometheus, underwater at Atlantis, in the center of a wildfire or up in the air.

Readers who are unstressed and like to keep their bodies in tip-top shape can use House of Meditation as a cool down for their body and mind after a workout. Meditation is an efficient and use of time and energy that’s also helpful in reducing inflammation and pain caused by frequent exercise, injury, age, or overworking the muscles.

Strap into your favorite VR headset and use House of Meditation on these platforms: Gear VR, Oculus, Steam VR, and Daydream.

Eye Care: Vision Therapy VR

Poor vision is mostly hereditary and age-related, but if you’re one of the millions of people staring and squinting at computer screens, the television, or a smartphone there’s a possibility that eye strain and eye muscle weakness are a culprit. That’s where Cerevrum steps in and offers VR users Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy is an eye-tracking game that will have the VR headset wearer strap in, access the game, and play easy and relaxing eye games to help strengthen them. Everyone knows, what you put your focus on grows — the blinking butterfly game will help relax the eye muscles to counter the strain that hours of television or smartphone use will promote. Tired and stressed eyes twitch, the swinging eye workout in different directions and at various animations will strengthen and stretch eye muscles. The face, eyes, and neck are interconnected — try the painting with the nose game to relax a tense neck and promote blood circulation.

Get the Vision Therapy games on these VR platforms: Gear VR, Oculus and Steam VR.

VR Fitness Results

Although these games aren’t going to turn a soft belly into washboard abs, the eyes and brain will get an amazing workout. Prevent stress, get ahead of inflammation, lessen pain, and fight eye exhaustion with Cerevrum’s brain, mindfulness, and eye strengthening games.

Let us know if you’ve tried Cerevrum’s games before and which ones are your favorites in the comments below!