Burn More Calories with LoopFit

LoopFit is poised to improve the health of countless individuals across the world. It generates seemingly real cycling environments for people to enjoy in any sort of indoor environment.

People find all sorts of excuses to avoid a workout. Sometimes there is too much snow on the roads to drive to the gym. Maybe there are harsh winds or rain that prevent an outdoor workout. Others complain that working out alone in the same environment over and over becomes rather torturous. It is time to scrap all of these excuses. Loop Reality is here to make workouts possible just about anywhere at any time.

The Roots of LoopFit Virtual Reality Fitness

Jignesh Talasila, a Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) graduate, worked for a software business for a year before blazing his own path. He left his software gig to teach children in what he refers to as an “innovative manner”. Talasila found that children required lab kits to advance their studies yet most schools did not have sufficient funds for such equipment. It was at this moment that Talasila began working on virtual reality for educational purposes. He intended to create a virtual reality lab kit but the project never saw the light of day. Talasila pivoted to game design and eventually expanded his project to a synthesis of virtual reality and indoor cycling. This project laid the foundation for LoopFit.

Talasila and his team of VR experts became the first virtual reality group from India to throw their hat in the TechCrunch Disrupt ring. His Loop Reality group pitched their VR tech to investors at the San Francisco event, creating significant buzz throughout the tech community. Talasila and his team moved on to Portugal for the 2016 Web Summit where LoopFit was greeted with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the Portugese government. Government officials pushed for Talasila to launch the product in health clubs and gyms across Portugal.

Why LoopFit is Different From the Rest

Talasila officially commenced the LoopFit product design in 2016 with the goal of helping the masses stay slim and fit regardless of their location. LoopFit was tested in countries where people struggled to cycle outdoors due to inclement weather or overly busy streets. This fitness solution provides highly immersive multiplayer virtual reality environments that replicate beautiful outdoor spaces. It is the perfect solution for those who live in cold climates as well as those who are looking for a stimulating way to stay in shape without being exposed to the elements. In a nutshell, LoopFit empowers people to use virtual reality to enjoy the wondrous outdoors while inside of an apartment, house, school, gym or other indoor space.

The Tech Behind LoopFit

LoopFit is designed with a combination of technologies. It is the unison of virtual reality, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Some industry experts are certain that LoopFit represents the next big exercise wave of indoor fitness training. LoopFit pipes seemingly realistic terrains through VR headsets to provide a thrilling cycling experience. LoopFit works the body while simultaneously stimulating the mind. Participants select their preferred terrain and cycle through visually impressive environments until they’ve pushed their body to the max. The LoopFit virtual reality environments are realistic to the point that they even have animals and obstacles along the sides of the terrain. It truly feels like a legitimate bike ride yet it occurs in a temperature-controlled indoor environment that is completely safe in all regards.