Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Get all the current and upcoming VR experiences in the context of fitness. We review all current content that relates to using VR tech for fitness outside of gaming.

Rezzil Player 21 Releases First DLC Adding an All-New, Fast-Paced Drill

Rezzil Player 21 released later on in 2020, but the game has only continued to be iterated upon since that time. As of this week, a handful of major new developments with the game...

Happy Run is a New Running Rhythm Game Available Now on SideQuest

While most VR games and applications that have come out over the years are self-contained experiences, some are designed to be used in tandem with other workout equipment that one might own. Now, a...

Holofit Complete Setup Guide on the Oculus Quest 2

If you’re a VR fitness enthusiast and own an Oculus Quest then Holodia’s Holofit is a service you should know about. Holofit enables you to wirelessly connect stationary bikes, rowers, and ellipticals to both...

Visitations is a New Meditative VR Application Out Now

As time has gone on, the VR space hasn't only continued to receive more games of differing genres, but other developers have come along with more experimental applications that utilize the technology. Now, one...

Jurassic World: Aftermath Review For The Oculus Quest – Dare You Play Cat And...

Jurassic World: Aftermath is the latest commercially licensed movie franchise based game to make its VR debut on the Oculus Quest. As with the Star Wars tie ins Vadar Immortal and Tales From the...

Win Reality is Looking to Improve Your Real-World Baseball Skills Through VR

It was only the other day that we were talking about how one practice facility in Canada is using the tech behind virtual reality to improve the skills of youth hockey players, and now,...

Youth Hockey Players in Canada Begin Utilizing VR to Improve Their Skills

As time has gone on, we've continued to see more and more instances of people using the tech behind virtual reality to help themselves get better at a real-world activity. The most frequent application...

Supernatural Adds Goals and Streaks – Coach Leanne Pedante Gives Us The Details

Supernatural is one of the best virtual reality fitness titles out and was recently named one of TIME's 2020 Best Inventions. Now it is getting even better. Today, Supernatural announced that in addition to...

Virry VR Has Received Official Medical Classification as a Meditation and Relaxation Experience

On today, of all days of the year (especially for those of us in the United States), it might be smart to take a moment of reprieve. Fortunately, the VR space has a slowly...

Interview: Blaston Creator Resolution Games Shows Us the Ropes

Cook-Out and Angry Birds VR developer Resolution Games returns with Blaston, an action-packed multiplayer VR arena. Here's everything you need to know.
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