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Get all the current and upcoming VR experiences in the context of fitness. We review all current content that relates to using VR tech for fitness outside of gaming.

Arcades Paving the Way for VR Fitness?

The creative geniuses at OptiTrack have developed a new system that has the potential to speed up the arrival of virtual reality arcades and theme parks. OptiTrack, known for its motion tracking technology, has...

STRATA: A New VR Experiment

Virtual Reality is commonly used for entertainment, that’s a given. But the applications of VR are increasing every day. Recently, a company called The Mill has done a new VR experiment that generates worlds...

Is Vue VR 360 Treadmill the Future of Fitness?

When I first started writing about VR, I very much expected it to be like the VR device I got to use when I was a child. I was around five or six years...

Is the VR Arcade Boom The First Step Toward VR Fitness Gyms?

The golden era of arcades is long gone. Anyone who passed through adolescence in the 1980s and 1990s will testify to the endless fun provided by arcade video games. These social gaming centers served...

Life Fitness and VirZOOM Announce Big Changes for Your Local Gym

Think the world of fitness isn't catching on to the VR phenomenon? Think again! Life Fitness just announced huge news that's going to make VR a big part of your daily routine in the...

The Future of Fitness Looks Like VR and Wearables

Think fitness has no room to evolve? Think again. ukactive is a not for-profit health body and Argos is a leading digital retailer. Earlier this year, they teamed up to commission research for National Fitness Day 2016. The study asked...
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HTC Vive 2.0 Rumored to Support Wireless VR

We've covered why we wanted wireless VR for our VR fitness workouts before. Imagine not tripping over a bundle of cords anymore. Imagine standalone headsets becoming more commonplace. And, imagine experiencing VR with your...

Changing the Game with VR Sports Training

Virtual reality sports have arrived. It is now possible to partake in a boxing match, cycling competition, marathon and baseball game in a virtual environment. It won't be long until the masses are engaging...

The VR Placebo Effect – How Virtual Reality Can Help with Pain Management

Despite having the technology we do today, scientists are still unable to answer some of the biggest questions they face. The placebo effect is just one example. Nevertheless, new studies and research might help...
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Gamification for Your Workout

There has been much talk about the gamification of conferences, meetings and events. The logic is that if a seemingly boring experience can be turned into one that involves competition and the quest for...