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Get all the current and upcoming VR experiences in the context of fitness. We review all current content that relates to using VR tech for fitness outside of gaming.

STRATA: A New VR Experiment

Virtual Reality is commonly used for entertainment, that’s a given. But the applications of VR are increasing every day. Recently, a company called The Mill has done a new VR experiment that generates worlds...

HTC Vive Goes Wireless

If you've ever gone to the gym and got your headphones tangled in a set of free weights or the rowing machine, then you can understand how the wired nature of headsets can be...

From the Playbook to the Headset

Football and virtual reality don’t sound like two things that go together very well. Sports are active; virtual reality is just starting to get a reputation outside of mere entertainment. Now, the two of...

VR Backpacks Can Be Part of Your Future Workout

The timing of the development of VR backpacks coincides with the fitness trend of rucking. Thanks to companies like HP, MSI, and ZOTAC, you might be able to combine the two. It's as simple...

Wireless VR Headsets a Huge Step for Fitness

Moore's Law states that the processing power of computers will double every two years. Chip manufacturers have used Gordon Moore's observation as a goal since it was coined in 1975, although the law is considered dead now....

Merged Reality Workouts: Pipe Dream or Possibility?

The most recent attempt to make virtual reality more affordable and available comes from Intel and Microsoft. The two are working together to develop technology that could be used by product manufacturers as a basis...

Medical VR Turns Gaming Into Physical Therapy

Project Walk Again Miguel Nicolelis, co-director for the Duke Center of Neuroengineering, led a year-long study in treating paraplegic patients with VR technology. Seven out of the eight patients were considered complete paraplegics, and all of them...

Treating PTSD with VR

The homecoming of a soldier evokes images of celebration. Balloons flying in the air, streamers littering the ground, and the open arms of friends and family. But one out of ten soldiers will be...

Pain Relief Without Pills, Thanks to VR

SnowWorld and Lt. Brown Lt. Sam Brown survived an IED attack in Afghanistan in 2008, but the experience left him a burn victim. He has endured painful surgery and therapy since his return to the United...

Shoot Aliens and Burn Some Fat with Clandestine Anomaly

If you enjoy shooting aliens out of the sky, getting some extra exercise, and protecting the Earth, welcome to Clandestine Anomaly. This game is one of the few that take into consideration: Data Plans,...