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Get all the current and upcoming VR experiences in the context of fitness. We review all current content that relates to using VR tech for fitness outside of gaming.

15 Horror (Halloween) VR Games for Vive, Oculus, WMR, & PS VR

Virtual Reality is a whimsical and spooky place to get your game on. There are horror games that make our skin crawl and leave us frightened for our lives. While other games are zombie,...
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Music in VR Empowers the Brain and Body to Push Past Fatigue

Whether we’re listening to a rock song, a catchy pop or country tune, a rap or EDM banger, music is a driving force behind workouts. Runners make playlists, cycling studios, gyms, and even athletes...

Professional VR Esports Players Talk About VR for Health and Fitness

The VR League recently concluded its second season at Oculus Connect 5 with over fifty finalists across four featured games. VR Fitness Insider has shared numerous stories about people who are losing weight and...

PowerBeatsVR Coming Q1 2019 | Here’s What’s in Store

PowerBeatsVR is building a virtual reality fitness game from the ground up, based on some familiar concepts. AudioShield, BeatSaber, and BoxVR all take a rhythmic approach with room-scale capabilities. PowerBeatsVR will have gamers rocking...
Virtual Athletics League Season 1

Virtual Athletics League Season 1 Gets Us Hyped for New eSports Games!

Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is a global Virtual Reality arcade and eSports league that recently hosted their first tournament of the season with Space Pirate Trainer in September. VIVE’s Blog and a press release...

Athletes Must Check Out These AR Sports Training Glasses

Athletes are seeing tech advancements for wearables that are geared towards training and gathering data. Kaaya Tech’s HoloSuit is a fully tracked wireless bodysuit that can be used for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality...
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Why VR eSports Games are Great for Lone Wolves (Introverts/Ambiverts)

If you’re a competitive VR eSports player on a team, you already know that Virtual Reality is amazing for fitness and builds confidence. You live it, breathe it, practice with a team -- awesome....
Beat Saber VR Arcade Machine

Fit Trend to Watch: VR Arcade Machines

VR is becoming more popular to the public with the current rollout of VR arcade machines. Arcades are stepping up their game with advanced tech like VR to draw in visitors with activity out...

EvolVR Hosts Yoga and Meditation Sessions on AltspaceVR for the First Time

For thousands of years, yogis around the world have been stretching and holding yoga poses and meditators have been discovering their zen with introspection. Grab your mat and headset, EvolVR is unfolding like a...

Virtual Athletics League Hosting Space Pirate Trainer Global Esports Tournament in September

The Virtual Athletics League and I-Illusions just announced that the esports league will be holding a global Space Pirate Trainer tournament from September 27 to the 30th. Competition is open to participating local VR...
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