Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Get all the current and upcoming VR experiences in the context of fitness. We review all current content that relates to using VR tech for fitness outside of gaming.

Oculus Move is the New Oculus Quest Fitness Tracker Coming Out Later This Year

Oculus announced that they are working on a VR fitness tracker for the Oculus Quest coming out later this year. The new fitness tracker will help track your movement while you are playing your...

What is VR Fitness? Most of VR’s Best Games Are VR Fitness Games

VR's best quality is that it immerses you directly into a virtual environment, allowing your own body to become the controller that makes gameplay happen. This is the basic motivational thrust of VR fitness,...

Virtuleap and 4th-IR Announce Partnership that Will Help Identify Cognitive Diseases Earlier

Normally here at VRFI, we're always looking to tell you about the latest VR game or product that can help keep you get in a good sweat, but the status of your overall health...

I’m Taking Part In The VZFit Explorer Summer Adventure Challenge: 21 Days, 7 Rides,...

Hopefully, you've noticed recently that we've been widely reporting that many of our favorite VR fitness games have tournaments running as part of the upcoming VR Fitness Summit, hosted by the Virtual Athletics League....
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Alcove Helps Senior Citizens Avoid Social Isolation While Staying Fit

Alcove is a new game and platform from AARP Innovation Labs that is launching today on Oculus Quest for free. Developed specifically to help those 50 and up to avoid social isolation and enjoy...

Quell is an Upcoming Resistance-Based Workout Game that Will Have You Punching Fantastical Enemies

While virtual reality has become the most frequent venue in which you can both do some gaming and burn some calories, other non-VR workout-centric video games have started to appear in the space recently....

Kinbona Launches Blync Kickstarter Campaign – Bring Your Road Bike Into Virtual Reality

Indoor cycling has really become something of a fitness phenomenon in recent years. Services such as Zwift and Peloton have achieved an almost mainstream awareness and have certainly elevated indoor biking from being what...

Rhythmatic is the Newest VR Rhythm Game That Adds a Multiplayer Twist

Even though most of the world (especially those of us in the United States) are still social distancing to prevent the spread of the ongoing pandemic, things are slowly but surely starting to get...

Rezzil Partners with Harena Data to Help Improve Youth Soccer Skills Through VR

While playing virtual reality games is often fun, it would be easy to assume that the actions you perform while experiencing a certain application wouldn't transfer over to real-life. However, one piece of software...

Tower Workout Offers Intense VR Exercises Through WebVR

Even though there are plenty of games and experiences in the virtual reality space that can help keep you active, sometimes, it's more difficult to find an application that you actually enjoy thoroughly. While...
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