Wednesday, August 17, 2022

VR Health Institute Proving VR Games Burn Calories

The immersive world that a VR game can create, gives way to the body having full range movement while playing. Arms can swing while the player is wielding a sword. The body can jump...

VR is Striving To Be A Football Players Best Practice Partner

They say that practice makes perfect and San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard is putting that to the test. His preseason numbers have been impressive, and he is not showing any signs of...

Interview: ARX Talks Augmented Reality & Fitness

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chentur from ARX to learn more about what they are developing and how they see fitness and augmented reality going. ARX uses the latest Augmented Reality...

VR Alone Can’t Make You Lose Weight – But It Helps

When I was sharing my weekly weigh-in reports on Reddit for my 50 Day VR Fitness challenge, I would invariably get one very consistent point of criticism: exercise has little impact on weight loss....

Rumor Confirmed – Mayweather’s VR Boxing Workout Game Coming Soon

Boxing games are a favorite in the virtual reality world. The games are highly entertaining, and they also deliver a one-two punch of a workout. In exciting news, boxer Floyd Mayweather will be launching...

Stop a Zombie Apocalypse & Reach Your Fitness Goals

Staying motivated while exercising can be a challenge for a lot of people. The fitness technology company ARX is creating ways to help people stay addicted to achieving fitness results. They have created a...

First Time Working Out In VR – The Before and After

As the newest team member of a VR Fitness startup, I recently had my first ever virtual reality workout experience.  I have worked out for most of my adult life, but I have always...

VR Fitness is over 25 years old. Surprised?

Combining exercise and fitness has been a goal in the video game industry for over 25 years with few notable successes and many interesting failures. "Exergaming" has been the term of choice to describe...

World’s first VR-fitness exhibition to be held in Stockholm, Sweden

The connected health and wellness company Great Clarity together with Northern Europe's largest fitness exhibition Fitnessfestivalen hosts The Future Fitness Lab - the first ever solely virtual reality (VR) fitness dedicated event.  In December, the 17th annual...

VR and Chemotherapy

Seth Olivia is an eight year old boy who is fighting cancer. His treatments, as you can imagine are intense, but there's an element to his treatment that even Seth looks forward to. Seth...