Thursday, March 30, 2023

VR and Chemotherapy

Seth Olivia is an eight year old boy who is fighting cancer. His treatments, as you can imagine are intense, but there's an element to his treatment that even Seth looks forward to. Seth...

E3 VirZOOM News: Mobile Team Up with Samsung & VZ Sensor to Make Any...

VirZOOM has been busy lately and their most recent announcement at E3 2017 is definitely not something to miss! VirZoom just announced that their VR bike and suite of fitness games is now available for...

Apple Finally Announces AR and VR Integrations

Well, we've all been waiting for it and it finally came: Apple has made some official moves within the virtual and augmented reality segments at their keynote for WWDC 2017. It was a great...

Interview: Holodia’s COO On VR Fitness in 2017 and Beyond

The demand for fitness in the world of virtual reality has never been greater. As the niche continues to grow, it's hard not to take note of the big leaders that are already making...

GoalKeepVR Dev Talks About Fitness in VR Gaming

If you've been using VR as a means to workout like so many have discovered in the last year, then you've heard of GoalkeepVR. This game may look simple and it may seem like...

Visions of VR’s Future: 7 Reasons VR Will Change Sports Forever.

The beginning of vSports - eSports and Traditional Sports Combined In my mind's eye I can see it. The line between eSports and traditional sports has blurred as I walk towards a cacophony of deafening...

Interview: Icaros Co-founder Johannes Scholl

Icaros has become one of the more well-known names in virtual reality fitness. Since its founding one year ago, the Germany-based startup company and its fitness machine has been covered on a variety of sites, called the...