Monday, October 18, 2021
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This is where we talk about all the VR games in the market that actually impact fitness and health. This will cover current games and soon to be released games. In addition, you can get game reviews and rankings.

Creed: Rise to Glory Receives New Update Featuring Endurance Mode

One of the best things about many VR fitness titles nowadays--and video games in general--is that the content featured within a certain game is usually not the only content that will be available for...

VZFit Exerboard Oculus Quest Review – Fitness Through Exploration

Until now VZFit has been an exercise service solely for use with a stationary bike. Split into two separate apps, VZFit Play is a suite of arcade minigames in which pedaling becomes your form...
The Wizards - Dark Times Quest

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Demeo, The Wizards – Dark Times Quest

After a slight hiatus, VR Fitness Insider's VR Game Roundup is back. This week sees has a variety of different titles, so there is something for everyone. Highlighting this week's new releases is a...

Crisis VRigade 2 Game Review- Intense VR Shooter Action With Friends

Back in the days of arcade games, one game seemed to be the most popular by far, and the lines to play it were always so sizable that I didn’t even bother most of...

Gym Masters Receives Updated Demo on Oculus Quest

Gym Masters is an upcoming story-driven fitness title that is currently in the process of raising money over on Kickstarter in the hopes of releasing later this year. While the Kickstarter campaign itself is...

IB Cricket VR Game Review – An Elite VR Sports Experience

As an avid sports fan and player, I’ve never had the opportunity to play cricket before. Luckily, ProYuga Advanced Technologies LTD's IB Cricket is here to both teach you how to play and give...

Inside Supernatural’s Epic Deal to Bring More Music to Their Members

When it comes to Virtual Reality fitness experiences, exercise mechanics are crucial to getting your body moving, but just as important and maybe the most is the music you exercise to. Supernatural has been...

Resident Evil 4 VR’s Potential Fitness Benefits on Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 has only been available for a little over six months, but the latest headset from Facebook has already been making waves, especially in the fitness community. When taking into account...

An N64 Classic Set To Be Reborn In VR – Carve Snowboarding For Oculus...

The first Oculus Gaming Showcase took place today, April 21st, with some major announcements for both the Quest 2 and PCVR. You can check out my Showcase roundup for the full event coverage, in...

Oculus Gaming Showcase 2021 – The Highlights For Active Gamers

April 21 marked the inaugural launch of the Oculus Gaming Showcase. The live-streamed event, hosted by executive producer Ruth Bram teased us with new game announcements and trailers, plus exciting new content coming to...