Sunday, April 18, 2021
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This is where we talk about all the VR games in the market that actually impact fitness and health. This will cover current games and soon to be released games. In addition, you can get game reviews and rankings.

Reakt: Performance Trainer VR Review – Train to Become a Superior Human

VR has shown the ability to be far more about gaming. We’ve seen advances in the medical world with VR, through sports, and through people with certain disabilities as well. The spectrum of things...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: The Climb 2, BoomBox Highlights Slow Week

During last week's VR Game Roundup, we saw an adaptation of wheelchair basketball, a game where you make ramen for customers, and a new multiplayer shooter called Hyper Dash. Sadly, this week doesn't have...

The Climb 2 VR Game Review – Terrifyingly Awesome Cliffhanger From Crytek

There's no doubt Oculus has high hopes for The Climb 2. One of only six titles to earn a hallowed spot on the retail box for the Quest 2 at launch, it was one...
Dana White The Thrill of the Fight

UFC President Dana White Raves About The Thrill Of The Fight: ‘This Game Is...

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is set to put on another ESPN+ card this weekend and the mixed martial arts promotion's President took time out of his busy schedule to give a shoutout to The...
Hyper Dash

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Wheelchair Basketball, Hyper Dash, and More

During last week's VR Game Roundup, we saw several new shooters, a fresh spin on Pong, and Space Dance Harmony. This week lacks many big-name releases, but there is a surprising amount of intriguing...

Movin Force Is a New Game on Kickstarter Looking to Combine the Party and...

Even though the VR fitness subgenre has continued to grow more and more over the past few years, there are very few titles that could also be classified as party games. Luckily, one developer...

Leap Trigger Is a New AR Shooter Releasing For Mobile This Spring

While we typically cover mostly virtual reality video games here at VRFI, augmented reality titles are similar enough in nature and can often have fitness benefits of their own. To that end, a new...

SET VR- Game Review – Self Defense VR Training With a Punch

Sometimes, an idea sounds so good on paper, but just doesn't ever seem to come to fruition when the project is completed. Unfortunately, that is the situation with SET VR. It promises to do...

HTC Vive General Manager Graham Wheeler Discusses The State Of VR

With 2021 well underway HTC general manager Graham Wheeler has reflected back upon the state of VR in 2020 and predicts important VR trends for 2021. He covers a variety of topics, including consumer...

Audio Trip Receives New Cardio-Focused Update

Nearly every virtual reality game can be beneficial for your health in some manner as long as you're regularly moving about your body while playing. However, some games go above and beyond to ensure...
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