Tuesday, October 27, 2020

VZfit Takes Your Bike Ride to a New Level in Virtual Reality

Some time ago I wrote an article on how to create an entire home gym based around the Oculus Quest. The premise was simple; to use a VR headset, and add some basic, and...

The Ultimate Oculus Quest Accessory Guide

Get the most out of your Oculus Quest with these accessory ideas The Oculus Quest is an amazing device. Offering a full six degrees of freedom virtual reality experience, no computer required, it’s the first...

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of ‘Beat Saber’ on Oculus Quest

Brush up your Beat Saber skills; you're going on a Quest. The long-awaited mobile Oculus Quest headset is launching in only a matter of days. This is a major deal to many folks, for whom this...

Survios CTO Talks About Creating the Holodeck, ‘Raw Data’, ‘Sprint Vector’, and ‘Creed: Rise...

Survios CTO Alex Silkin shares the journey he's been on since first co-founding the company in 2013. Silkin and his team at Survios are near-famous around the VR gaming industry for having developed four of...

VirZOOM Tells Us That a Stationary Bike is the Perfect 6DOF Controller

Eric Janszen, the CEO and co-founder of VR fitness company VirZOOM, tells us about the recent release of their third-generation hardware, the VZfit Sensor Kit. VirZOOM is now offering the third generation of its products in...

Top 10 VR Gadgets We’re Sweating Over in 2019

There's something about the smell of a freshly unraveled piece of kit that gets me excited. No, not that type of excited. Rather, what I'm referring to are the warm fuzzies I get from...

GDC 2019 Rewind: Hands-On With the NordicTrack VR Bike

Unlike ordinary exercise bikes at the gym, the NordicTrack VR Bike makes you forget that you're even pedaling. “You have to continue to pedal, or else you’ll go down," a NordicTrack representative told me as...

GDC 2019 Rewind: Hands-On With ‘Beat Saber’ for Oculus Quest

Without a doubt, losing the cable makes Beat Saber an entirely new game—the one you were originally promised. If somebody were to walk up to you and ask you to visualize, in your head, a...

GDC 2019: Hands-On With Oculus Rift S, ‘Dead & Buried 2’, ‘Asgard’s Wrath’

The Internet has taken to brutalizing the Rift S, but is the criticism well-deserved? If you’ve been paying attention to news surrounding Oculus lately, you might think that their bullishness towards mobile VR has taken...

VRChat’s Full-Body Tracking Attracts Pole Dancers, Breakdancers and More

VR social apps don't immediately come to mind as a way for people to lose weight and burn fat. But inside of the social app VRChat, a contingent of users are already using existing...
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