Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Get the latest information on hardware in the industry with reviews in the context of fitness applications and usability. In addition, this section is used to discuss upcoming technologies that aren’t out yet but have direct impact on fitness VR.

Interview: VicoVR with Dmitry Morozov

3DiVi is the company behind VicoVR, a full-body motion tracking Bluetooth accessory. As we've said time and time again on the website, immersion is an important aspect of the VR experience. VicoVR aims to knock...

Microsoft Surface VR: Is It Right For You?

IWoah, hold on with that $300 price tag on the newest VR device on the market. The Microsoft Surface VR has just hit the news market and there seems to be a lot of...

The future of HTC Vive: Better Content, New Games and More Immersion

  In a recent interview, Joel Breton, VP of VR Content for the HTC Vive, commented on a number of current issues with the headset and how his team is about to tackle them. Among...

The Revolutionary Google Tango and its Impact on VR Fitness

A few weeks ago Lenovo Phab 2 Pro hit the market as the first ever Google Tango-enabled smartphone. With exclusive augmented reality features, the device offers a glimpse into what the future might hold...

Wireless HTC Vive is Real! What Do You Need To Know Now?

Last Friday, the newest modification to the VR headset hit the market and it sent the VR world into a panic frenzy to buy the new dongle, which was sold out in less than...

Google’s Daydream View Headset Out on Nov 10th, Should you Buy it?

We're always excited to see new developments in mobile VR, as there is so much potential in our smartphones, both in terms of raw power and the fact that smartphone VR experiences don't need...

The Full-Body Haptic Feedback VR Suit – The Synthesia Suit

One of the milestones in achieving an immersive virtual experience is the ability to be able to physically feel the virtual worlds. While at this point people are able to experience virtual reality with...

Interview: Icaros Co-founder Johannes Scholl

Icaros has become one of the more well-known names in virtual reality fitness. Since its founding one year ago, the Germany-based startup company and its fitness machine has been covered on a variety of sites, called the...

Google Eye Tracking: Fitness Secret Weapon?

Google was one of the very first companies to try to come out with an Augmented Reality headset that allowed you to run a small computer monitor through your Google Glasses. It was a...

Is the Razer Blade a VR-Ready Gaming Laptop?

The Razer Blade Virtual reality has only just entered the realm of console gaming. Meanwhile, on the PC side of things, gaming laptops are only getting stronger. Customers are now able to pre-order the new Razer...
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